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Azbit CEO Max Zmitrovich & John McAfee Discussed Security Issues

“Corporations understand the value of security because the leakage of their competitive information could be the end of the corporation”, John McAfee once said. We cannot but agree with this statement. As security is a top priority for Azbit, our CEO Max Zmitrovich met with John McAfee in Ibiza to discuss key issues regarding fintech startups’ safety.

Cyber security pioneer and crypto advocate John McAfee is one of the front-line players on the crypto arena. Being a British-American IT-businessman and political activist, he is also known as a founder of the highly successful McAfee Associates dealing with commercial antivirus software developing. Further, he founded such giants as Tribal Voice, QuorumEx and Future Tense Central and has been involved in leadership positions in such companies as Everykey, MGT Capital Investments and Luxcore.

In the crypto industry his figure remains a kind of influential and controversial at the same time, but still McAfee is one of the committed promoters of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Azbit team fully supports the idea that cryptocurrencies should become the universal means of payment for everyone. McAfee’s vision of blockchain to build a future is an exact match to what Azbit promotes. That is the main reason why the meeting with such a professional became a kind of fateful. It was a valuable experience for Azbit to receive sound advice on our project. Looking forward to getting together with new friend in frames of other meetings!

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