Success! Exchange and AZ Markets Are Launched

Dec 28, 2019 · 4 min read

Dear friends, we did it!🚀

In the last days of the outgoing 2019 Crypto Santa left something under the Christmas tree: December 28 has witnessed Azbit’s “Big Day”, with the long-awaited crypto exchange and AZ Markets multi-asset trading platform launched simultaneously.

“Dream big, work hard, never give up and your efforts will be rewarded. Without exaggeration, this is one of the most important moments for the entire existence of Azbit. It is circled in red on the project’s calendar as the day we signed a strategic partnership with Roger Ver, or the day we received a payment institution license in EU, or the day we successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign.

Azbit team put our heart and soul into the Exchange and AZ Markets. Dear friends, you will be the first users of these two projects.

Please, welcome! I hope you enjoy the results of our work,” Azbit CEO and co-founder Sergei Ermolitski said.

As you know, we at Azbit are passionate about the idea of ​providing our customers with the highly sought after tools for trading and investment. Without further ado, let’s go over the projects’ highlights. offers:

Forex and Stocks margin trading with up to 100:1 leverage ratio. Azbit team plans to increase it up to 777:1 as the project progresses. Leverage for crypto trading is 5:1.

Well-known MT4 and MT5 trading terminals for PC, iPhone/iPad and Android. You can download them in you personal area on

500+ instruments to trade on Crypto, Stock, Metals, Commodity, CFD and Forex markets (including Forex major pairs BTC/USD, XMR/USD, BCH/USD, BCH/EUR, BTC/GOLD, DASH/USD, ETH/USD). 100+ cryptocurrency pairs.

Bountiful loyalty program for introducing brokers. Our partners get $22 for each lot their referrals make (so, don’t waste time — register, get a referral link and invite your friends).

4 major currencies: USD, BTC, ETH and AZ token.

Deposit bonus up to 50%.

$10,000 demo account to practice your trading skills and explore the functionality of the platform.

Azbit exchange

Before you follow the link to test our exchange we want to draw up a pros and cons list. Let’s start with the positives. The core of Azbit exchange is 100% ready. Customers can make deposits and withdrawals, place and match orders etc. From a technical point of view, the work is completed. You can register and see for yourself.

But there are some drawbacks. Let’s face it, we got snared in our own trap in a desire to make the platform minimalistiс and understandable even for beginners. At the moment, the exchange interface is far from ideal. This is not what you expected. We understand that a competitive exchange should be visually attractive and therefore Azbit team will improve the interface in the shortest possible time. After all, as they say, “fine feathers make fine birds”. In addition, liquidity aggregation bots are not yet operational (don’t worry, everything will be set up).

We did not want to change the interface behind closed doors as we promised that the platform would be released before 2020. At this stage, the exchange is available to Azbit community members but a large marketing campaign will be launched only after beautiful wrapping is ready.

Azbit exchange offers:

Low commissions. The fee is just 0.1% of the transaction price. Moreover, AZ token holders have a privilege to pay the fees with 75% discount.

Monthly bonuses. We will distribute 20% of the exchange’s profit among AZ holders (proportionally to their shares).

16 currencies: AZ token, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DOGE, DASH, ZEC, XMR, XRP, NEO, ADA, USDT, USD and EUR (fiat money will be available from January, 2020). The list of cryptocurrencies will be replenished over time.

Buyback and burn program to support AZ price stability. According to the plan, 30% of the total profit of the exchange will be directed to this purpose. BB&B is expected to get started in Q1 2020.

What’s next?

AZ Play gambling platform launch is scheduled for January 2020. Over time, Azbit will string on new services and tools such as copy trading on and crypto-backed loans on Further plans also include connecting to UnionPay system that will open up opportunities for Azbit exchange’s customers to withdraw funds to a plastic card. Azbit team keeps working on the further development of the project and translation plans into reality. We will do our best so that 2020 will be the most successful, profitable and happy for us and our partners.

IMPORTANT! As the services are new, not everything can load properly. Please report all the problems to our support team. Thank you!


Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍


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Social Trading Platform💱Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍

Azbit News

Social Trading Platform 💹Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍

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