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Tech Renaissance: Meet Azbit at World Blockchain Summit MARVELS Seoul

Azbit is on a very tight schedule today. ETHSingapore, ASEAN’s First Ethereum Hackathon, has come to an end and new events are coming on-stream. The next destination is MARVELS!

World Blockchain Summit MARVELS (December 12–13th, 2018) is one of the major innovative Blockchain Cryptocurrency events in Asia. It will bring together 1,200 participants and 60 top-speakers from over the world including government officials, CEOs, investors, global blockchain experts, and members of National Assembly. As organizers play with words, “MARVELS stands for a marvelous event, marvelous people, and marvelous outcome”.

World Blockchain Summit is a two-day platform for the entire industry to network and build bridges. The event has put tech renaissance on the agenda. Attendees will discuss market updates in the industry, blockchain regulations, latest trends, the diversification of blockchain application, and the rise of STOs (Security Token Offering). The latter is among the event’s priorities. This is easily explained: security tokens and tokenized shares are gaining in popularity nowadays. Our project has much to offer in this area, as Azbit is issuing tokenized shares. AZ tokens are backed by shares in a Swiss company Azbit AG. Investors are at the same time AZ token holders and shareholders.

Azbit is joining World Blockchain Summit MARVELS. The event is undoubtedly one of the most appropriate places for high-value networking opportunities.

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