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WEFIN Comes To Azbit

Dear customers,
We are delighted to announce the upcoming listing of WeFIN Coin (WEFIN), a BEP-20 token designed for fast and low-cost transactions. Deposits, trading and withdrawals will be open at 6 PM (UTC) January 18, 2022. Trading pairs: WEFIN/USDT, WEFIN/BTC, WEFIN/ETH.

About the project

WeFIN Coin is the native currency of the eFIN ecosystem — eFIN DEX, eFIN Bridge and the upcoming Nimiq OASIS fiat on-ramp integration. The vision of the eFIN team is to make the use of digital currency as a means of payment in everyday life closer than ever before.
“WEFIN will integrate with the eFIN Bridge to create tradable pairs in BSC, ETH, Polygon etc. and will be a significant addition to the eFIN ecosystem, empowering the platform to become one of the top players in the DeFi world,” the team declares.

Congratulations to the team and welcome to!

REMINDER: Project representatives can apply for a listing by filling the form.




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