Fist of Varian — Guild Concept

Varian Wrynn, the stalwart defender of Stormwind and the Alliance

Fist of Varian is a guild who support Varian’s attitude… from Cataclysm times. They think in time he’s gotten soft due to his love for his son, which caused two major issues. One, not ending the Horde after Siege of Orgrimmar and two, trusting Horde to cover their backs at the Broken Isles.

They are loyal to the Alliance and to Anduin. However, they believe Anduin may not be making the best decisions. They don’t blame Varian, they just think he’d do things the way they do, if he would come back. They respect Anduin and think he’s doing well considering how much has befallen on him at his age. They think he will eventually see things their way.

At the core, they are a human focused group, including Gilneans. In fact, they hold great respect for Genn Greymane, whom they hope Anduin to learn from. However, they welcome all races. Night Elves recruitment efforts have intensified after the burning of Teldrassil. The only race they do not accept is Pandaren. They respect Pandaren that serve the Alliance, but they refuse to include anyone who has potential “Horde friends.”

Membership and Rules

To be accepted to the guild, they need to have at least 100 honor and have completed the following achievements: That Takes Class and Know Thy Enemy. If they meet the requirements, they’ll be asked to join a pvp activity with an officer and finally, duel with the Guildmaster. While they don’t need to win the duel or get a certain amount of kills etc in the battleground, high skill can open way to higher ranks faster.

Once accepted, War Mode must be turned on at all times for all members. When they see a local defense alert, they must at least try and assess the situation via chat and report. Depending on the rank, there are additional rules. Guild activities must be attended if online. Moving up the ranks have certain requirements and the members must ask for it. Here are the full requirements:


The first two are the initial ranks of the Fist. The expectations from them are minimal, except the will and effort to move on.

Rank 0 - Conscript

Requirements: 100 honor, That Takes Class, Know Thy Enemy, pvp activity with officer

Fighters are the lowest rank in the Fist. While they are treated as equals, they need to prove their worth. Even if they meet the requirements of higher ranks, everyone spends at least 2 weeks as a Fighter and are expected to be active, fight with their comrades and follow the orders of any higher ranks.

Rank 1 - Defender

Requirements: 500 honor, max level, join at least 10 guild activities, mass ceremony by an officer, own the war mount suitable to their race that they are expected to ride in pvp activities.

Defenders have proven themselves to be worthy and loyal and they are formidable heroes of the Alliance. They are announced by officers and they are expected to stay active.

Defenders have access to the common guild bank tab.

While there is no strict rule about how long one can stay Defender, members are expected to move on. Those who don’t strive for more may be first given a warning, followed by another and finally being removed.


Next three ranks form the bulk of the Fist. They are the fighting force, the knuckles, the fingers. They are expected to follow a certain code. First, everyone at these ranks and above are expected to physically check attacks on capitals and local defenses and report to the guild. Second, they are expected to behave well in public. Third, they are expected to attack the horde whenever an opportunity rises.

The ranks are equal in hierarchy and one chooses where they want to focus. They aren’t forced to a single role but they are expected to have a major one and serve for the role when needed. They can change their focus but it shouldn’t happen too much. They are expected to master their skills.

Requirements: 5000 honor, active, individual ceremony by the Overlord

Rank 2 - Mender

Menders are those who keep the strength of the Vanguard and Protectors through healing in combat. While they are to be guarded by others, they are also expected to be wary.

Rank 3 - Vanguard

The Vanguard are the attack force of the Fist. In addition to rogues, mages, warlocks and hunters; anyone who focuses on the death of the enemy can be a part of the Vanguard.

Rank 4 - Protector

Protectors have a special role: Like vanguards, they are attackers but they have the capacity to endure harder punishment in combat. The main expectation from protectors is not to end the enemy but to do their best to give breathing room to the vanguard and menders and empowering their efforts. While majority of these will be ‘tank’ specs, any class can be a protector with the right tools and attitude.


Officers are the arm and the body of the fist, the driving force and enforcers who are expected to set examples. Becoming an officer requires both skill and leadership. There is no strict number of officer count, but there should only be a few of each type at a given time. The more members of a particular group, the more officers can be accepted. They are expected to organize and run events. In Horde attacks, they are expected to form a raid. In quiet times, they are expected to form raids on the Horde.

Requirements: 10000 honor and following achivements: For the Alliance! completion of a special task given by the Warmaster. Duel all officers and have some success (Success does not equal winning, it means a good fight) An officer only ceremony and a public ceremony conducted by the Warmaster. They must show willingness to mentor those of their previous rank and demonstrate enough knowledge to do it.

Rank 5 - Lifegiver

Hidden requirement: Be the top healer in at least one guild instance based activity or otherwise have a “wow” moment. This will not be told to the candidates and must happen naturally.

Rank 6 - Harbinger

Hidden requirement: Be the top damage dealer in at least one guild instance based activity or otherwise have a “wow” moment. This will not be told to the candidates and must happen naturally.

Rank 7 - Guardian

Hidden requirement: Have a “wow” moment. This will not be told to the candidates and must happen naturally.

High Officers

High Officers are the heart and soul of the Fist, the will that places them where they are most needed and making sure that the guild is running the way it’s supposed to.

Requirements: 25000 Honor, special

Rank 8 - Overlord

The Overlord is a placeholder rank as each Overlord will have their own title, decided by themselves or the Warmaster. The Overlord must always come from an Officer rank, must duel all the officers and the Warmaster successfully. They must complete tasks given by the Warmaster and each Officer and have unanimous vote of all the officers. If there is a current Overlord who isn’t willing to step down, they must duel and the winner’s vote counts as an officer vote. The Overlord is the ultimate servant of the guild and the impersonation of its soul.

Rank 9 - Warmaster

The Warmaster is the leader and change of a Warmaster can only happen under exceptional circumstances that can not be predefined.




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