Legion: Aftermath

The Legion in its glory

At the moment, we don’t know exactly what happens to the demons and the Burning Legion. In this one I’ll be making up my own take.

The End of the Crusade

The imprisonment of Sargeras surely marked the end of an era: The Burning Crusade, set in motion by the dark titan eons ago had come to a pause, if not to an end. With Argus under attack, the dark titan gone and his terrible plan foiled, the myriad races of the Legion could now decide on their own paths.

The Crusade Continues

Despite the major setback, many demons and followers of Sargeras kept their faith in him. A being of such strength can not be held by any prison, they think. And as loyal followers, these creatures seek to recruit the rest back into Legion’s fold, prepare for the dark titans back and some even more daringly, hope to rescue him. Several sects exist that might not necessarily recognize and work with each other. A few examples are as follows:

The Believers: The largest group to continue the Crusade, the Believers are mostly lead by Man’ari and a few Nathrezim and include demons of all kinds, including a bunch of Pit Lords. They operate from the shadows but they are well-known among all the previous members of the Legion. Their first priority is to regroup and recuperate. To that end, they are actively recruiting demons and mortals under various sects and cults. Their main purpose is to save Sargeras one way or the other.

The Avengers of Argus: Exclusively run by Man’ari who command several demons, the Avengers believe that Velen has failed their race, failed Argus and even failed the Light by running away. They have a simple purpose: The death of Velen and all the draenei. Some of these fanatics are even said to use the Light due to their strong convictions. While they may co-exist with the other factions, they are quite single-minded and will only assist the others if it suits their purposes. They are also looking for ways to resurrect Kil’jaeden and Archimonde.

The Ashen Fel (aka The Cult of the Dark Phoenix): The most mysterious bunch of all, the Ashen Fel is a completely new cult whose leadership is unknown, but incredibly powerful and masters of cosmic powers. While the Cult agrees with Sargeras’ crusade, they believe that the Dark Titan has had his chance (for a longer period than he deserved, mind you) and the time for change is in order. And so, they introduce themselves as the Cult of the Dark Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the Legion. Seeing how the mortals of Azeroth have used light and void against them, the masters of the cult combine fel with void and even a bit of Light. The resulting effect still has the green fel, but has a touch of gray color that resembles ash. For this reason, many have called this power, and the masters of it, the Ashen Fel. Leaving the past behind completely, the Ashen Fel focuses on defeating the Void and removing any and all threats against that end, including all the Titans and the World-souls.

Turn of the Tides

Many races were enslaved by the Legion. And while some races’ leaders accepted the Legion, not all members agreed, but they had no chance as a minority. Members of the enslaved races or rebellious ones now have the courage or the opportunity to openly fight against their oppressors.

Army of the Light

Following the defeat of the Legion, a small group have joined the Army of Light, including several man’ari and if rumors are true, a couple of Pit Lords.

The Redeemed

While some Legion members indeed want to use their newfound freedom to fight it, the Army of the Light was not an option for them. Some utilized methods and powers that wouldn’t be welcome, others just couldn’t get themselves to fight together with such a bitter enemy. For whatever reasons they might have, this large pool of demons and mortals have one thing in mind: To redeem themselves of their past sins. The group does not have a clear leadership, but they do have several sects, groups of varying sizes and posts all over the Great Beyond where any enemy of the Legion is welcome.

Liberators of Justice

Sargeras knew that some enemies are not to be defeated: Either because they literally are immortal or perhaps because it’s too costly. Similar to what he did to the demons back in his days as the Pantheon champion, he commanded the imprisonment of some very powerful entities over the ages including but not limited to demons who wouldn’t bow before him, creations of titans and beings of light and void. Sargeras’ very own powers enabled the bars that held these enemies contained. However, with his imprisonment, the Dark Titan was cut off, enabling a grand escape.

Some of the escapees have come together and sworn an oath to liberate any and all who are imprisoned, enslaved or in any way captured by the Legion. While most liberators will work to defeat the captors, some among them may see death or destruction as a viable alternative if the captors’ provide too much of a match.

Taste of Freedom

While the majority of demons chose to follow or oppose the Legion and the dark crusade, there were also many that just wanted out of the big drama.

The Hellstalkers

Hellstalkers are a small mercenary group of demons and warlocks. Their rules for the customers are simple. No questions asked and guaranteed results. Their rules within are similarly simple. Give back to the community and carry the honor, which means to completing the mission or die trying and being ready to cover for a mission where another has failed. Once a customer wants to purchase their services, they have to contact the leader, an industrious imp named Daglop, who then informs the available agents and a decision is made on the taker. The agent will then contact the customer and negotiate a deal. The deal will rarely be as simple as a bunch of gold coins. Hellstalkers usually ask for information, unique or powerful items or even a trade of services.

The Free

Possibly the largest group of previously enslaved races just… walked away. Some returned to their worlds, some had none to return so they looked for new ones. One thing they have common is their lack of desire to be part of the cosmic war.

The Fel Tinkerers

Legion had countless infernal machines, devices and invented magical creatures at their disposal, from catapults that fling fel meteors to Fel Reavers whose howl is enough to strike fear in many hearts. A group of inventors and enslaved workforce have decided to turn this into profit: The Fel Tinkerers will sell anyone, anything. In fact, the common assumption is that the group sells merchandise to all sides.


So, these are some factions I thought would be cool to rise from the fractures of the Legion. What do you think?



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