Tinker - HACK (DPS Spec I)

[This is part of my Tinker series. For an overview of all the articles, click here.]

I’ve told about different ways to utilize the MEC, but of course it can be used to bring destruction as well! Let me tell you what I brought together from the remaining documents (And out of character comments in italic as usual — Ekrem.)

One of the kits you can use for that purpose is the Heavily Armed Combat Kit, or HACK. It is easy to imagine: The goblins’ buzz-saw wielding Shredders are very close to them, except you’d also need to add rockets, guns and all sort of dangerous arsenal. Additionally, while lacking the shield of KICK, HACK has some in-built mechanisms that decrease damage, making them slightly sturdier than the other 3 types.

HACK and slash, am I right? AM I RIGHT? Got it? Because it’s hack and… nevermind

Power (Main Resource)

HACK is a rather unstable kit that works in spikes. The Power is spent and generated in rather large portions. It is my understanding that their fighting rhythm is close to the agile combatants such as rogues. A big difference is their converto of course: While rogues would gain their rhythm as they catch their breath, HACK generates Power via dealing damage. This allows them to get some of the spent Power back right away, and attacking constantly will also generate Power to keep the HACK dishing out punishment almost non-stop.


Steam for HACK is controlled by the Tinker (Tinkerer? Still not sure) precisely. Well, sort of. Partially. Some abilities will switch their Steam level up and some will switch it down. Some will change it over time and the amount it increases the Steam will depend on the results. The tricky part is that the HACK can not switch Steam rapidly, meaning there will be a cooldown period of sorts after using an ability that Switches Steam, so the Tinker needs to think ahead to prevent Overdrive.

As Steam level increases, HACK moves and attacks faster and does a small amount of area damage as it grows quite hot. If the Steam level goes beyond 100%, MEC will go into overdrive, dealing considerable area damage and gaining a significant movement and attack speed bonus; all of which decrease through the overdrive period, down to a neutral Steam level. Masters of HACK will manage to increase the Overdrive period’s initial phase, exploiting the increased bonuses for longer periods, making it a part of their tactics.

Attack Type

HACK is a medium range combatant. The suit combines melee and range abilities and binds them with some inherent mobility that allows them to be a dynamic force on the battlefield. They will utilize everything from buzz-saws to rocket launchers.

Combat Style

In combat, the HACK is quite straightforward: They will probably start by increasing their Steam to a high enough level. From then on, they will do their best to keep as high a Steam level as possible without going into Overdrive.

They will use their Power to unleash their arsenal on the enemy and keep doing it by converting Power from the attacks. When they feel they need a strong burst, especially when there are multiple enemies around, they can choose to top their Steam level and enjoy being a frightening force during the Overdrive.

Sample Abilities

Steam On! /Steam Off! (Steam! function)

This ability decreases steam by 20% if it’s over 70% of maximum or increases it if below it (All “Steam!” skills share the same cooldown.)

Rocket Launcher (Steam! function)

Aims and launches a rocket locked to the heat signature of the target.

Increases steam by 10% and launches a rocket at the target. After a short initial aim period, the rocket is locked to target and will hit the enemy through concealment such as stealth and invisibility and will end such effects immediately.

Mortal Buzz

Attacks the enemy fiercely with a buzz-saw.

Damages an enemy in melee range and decreases the healing effects on the target for a short period.

Steam Off (Steam! function)

Lets out steam off the system through the exhausts in the form of a smoke pulse.

Damages all enemies in range moderately and decreases steam level by 20%

Back off!

Shoots the enemy while jet-packing away.

Moves back a sizable distance (as much as blink) and shoots the enemy during the trip.


(Instant, off GCD) Shoots an rocket at the nearest enemy instantly and resets the cool-down of Steam! Skills immediately.

Grease Dispenser

(Short, uninterruptible channel) Shoots a jet of grease at nearby enemies, decreasing their damage shortly and decreasing steam level by 10%

Shrapnel Storm

Throws out shrapnel around the MEC, damaging the enemies and increasing steam by 1% for each target hit.

Algorithm 66

(Regular cast+Channeled) Executes Algorithm 66: Aims and fires a barrage of rockets and shoots guns at the target, dealing a high amount of damage during the channeling. Steam increases rapidly throughout the cast.



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