Tinker - KICK (Tank Spec)

[This is part of my Tinker series. For an overview of all the articles, click here.]

Previously, I shared a document created by a goblin and gnome (sort of). After trying to make sense of the rest of the documents and I also published an article about some general topics.

Now, I’ll go over each specialized kit and their capacity. I will use bold text to emphasize some terms (and I will be here with some out-of-character notes-Ekrem.)

KICK, Kinetic Impact Calculation Kit, allows the MEC to have a shield that allow the tinker to endure much more punishment than the rest.

A potential look for a KICK

Power (Main Resource)

KICK has a Power Pool that is very similar to basic convo, or as mentioned, spellcasters’ mana. Power is used to empower their special moves and abilities.

Moving does not really generate Power for KICK and dealing damage generates little. The main conversion is from damage taken. So an active suit can always stay powered as long as the Tinker makes sure they are scaling well to the situation: The stronger the ability, the more power consumed, which means continuous use can drain them if the incoming damage isn’t on par.

D/O System

KICK has a special Energy allocation tool that allows the Tinker to move power to Defensive or Offensive systems. Many moves that the KICK uses will be empowered by the power level in these systems. There are two parts to this system: Total Energy and Relative levels.

Total shows the amount of Energy that KICK uses. This will be an absolute number such as 100, 120, etc. The calculations for abilities take absolute numbers in account, so higher the number, the stronger the abilities will be.

Relative Level is the allocation percentage of Defensive and Offensive systems. For example, the neutral position is 50/50, meaning at 100 Total Energy, each system will have 50 Energy; while at 120 Total Energy, they will each have 60. Certain abilities will shift the percentages, changing the amount of Energy each part has.

Certain abilities increase or decrease the Total Energy for a short spike or a longer term, while others change the percentage between Defensive and Offensive.


Steam is mostly a passive, restrictive aspect for KICK system: It is represented by a number and if the Total Energy exceeds the Steam, KICK goes into overdrive, gaining bonuses on Defense and Offense depending on the Energy of each, ie if Defense is at 70 Energy when Overdrive happens, it would grant higher defensive bonuses than it would when it has 50%. As they master the use of their suit or improve it via magic items (yes, I mean the Mastery stat), their Steam increases, allowing them higher Total Energy and going on without Overdrive at higher efficiency levels.


KICK provides a very simple defense: The shield absorbs magic and physical force and converts some into power, cutting the shock’s power in the process. This means all attacks will be less effective on the KICK. Some of this reduction scales with the power of the attack and rest is static (meaning they have a flat out damage reduction, both absolute numbers and percentage, that decreases any damage by that amount.) The higher Defense, the better shield.

Style Explained

So a typical KICK would use abilities to increase their Total Energy to something close to their Steam, but not directly at it to prevent Energy-spiking abilities from causing unwanted Overdrives. When they want to chain several spike abilities, they may want to decrease the Total Energy first.

When they are on the attack, they will want to use abilities to divert more Energy to Offense while if situation is reverse, divert more Energy to Defense. When they need a boost in defensive or offensive capacity and don’t mind losing their edge for a short while, they can choose to increase Total Energy over Steam, going into Overdrive. They would gain powerful boost to their defensive/offensive systems depending on how much Energy each one had, then they’d go back to their neutral Total and Relative Energy and would have to increase it again.

Sample Abilities


Increases the Total Energy by 10%. The D/O Ratio is kept but abilities will be more efficient due to increased numbers.

Heavy Hand

Damage the enemy with a melee attack. The damage depends on current Offense level.

Minishield (Passive ability)

Every time the suit is stopped from taking action(CC’d), it generates a shield. The strength depends on current Defense level. Can only occur every 30 seconds.

Reflective Charge

Switches 10% Energy to Defense and for the next 10 seconds, gathers 25% of the damage done to the caster. After 10 seconds, the gathered damage will discharge, spread evenly among enemies in 15 yard range and damage them. The damage is increased by the Defense level at the time of dispersion.

Algorithm: Hozen

Switches up to 30% Energy to Offense and for the next 10 seconds, grant a 25% evasion against both attacks and abilities.

Algorithm: Turtle

Switches 100% Energy to Defense and decrease Total Power by 10%.


Generates a shield that absorbs all damage for 3 seconds and works converto at double efficiency for converting this damage to Power.

Desperate Measure

Requires channeling. Temporarily switches all power to Offense and increases Total Energy by 5% every second. When cancelled, it releases an aoe damage that increases with the missing life and the power level. If Steam is reached, the spell goes off, dealing double damage, including the tinker. This damage will never be fatal to the tinker (can’t drop them lower than 1 hp.)



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