Arizona Small Businesses Need Us: Let’s Make Sure Not To Forget Them

During this challenging time, we must continue to support our local small businesses, here’s how.

Ryan For Arizona
Mar 14 · 2 min read

Arizona small businesses account for 99.4% of all businesses and over 1 million employees. The majority of small businesses have 20 or less employees. Our economy depends on us stepping up and identifying ways to support our local community.

Remember when a lot of us worked in service industry jobs such as restaurants, retail and sales. These positions require direct customer interaction to be successful.

Keep in mind, small businesses are exactly that, “small.” The likelihood of them being crowded is low and the environment is much more controlled (unlike Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Target for example). Large corporations have plenty of cash and access to capital in order to survive. Local small businesses do not have the same luxury.

With this in mind, here are a few ways we can continue helping our local small businesses:

  1. Buy gift cards from your favorite restaurant directly. This will provide them with some short term cash so they can keep servers, bartenders and other staff employed with a paycheck.
  2. Stop in for a few minutes and purchase a soda while your order is being prepared. Leave a tip to help our community members who depend on that to pay rent, electricity and other essentials to live.
  3. Shop at small local retail stores.

During this time of uncertainty, we all need to help our local economy and support small businesses.

Here are a few links to identify places needing our support (we will update this list with additional links as they become available):

Seventh Avenue Merchants Association (SAMA)

Local First Arizona

Old Town Scottsdale

The Small Business Directory

Phoenix Arizona Business Directory


AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona…

Ryan For Arizona

Written by

Ryan A. Starzyk, Democratic Candidate For Arizona State Senate, Legislative District 24. Military Veteran, Community Leader, LGBTQ+ Member (he/him/his)



AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona, State Senate Candidate, Legislative District 24. AZForward is dedicated to policy positions and proposals that will take Arizona Forward into the next generation of technology innovation and policy transformation.

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