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Ryan For Arizona
Feb 20 · 6 min read


Ryan For Arizona
Ryan For Arizona

Letter from local neighbor concerned about Party Houses:

“ARIZONA’S NEIGHBORHOODS NEED YOUR HELP to get party hotels out of neighborhoods — RIGHT NOW!

Or, like some, you could wake up to strangers playing beer pong across the street:

About ½ of the group staying there Then, one says, “I need to pee.”

And he DOES! (He’s not checking out the landscaping…)

I could hear it all, because they were so loud. The night before, one of those men came to my door at 10:20 PM and tried to walk into my house! In the 3–½ months that the house was a short-term rental (“STR”), my neighbors and I got to experience: loud parties late into the night (once when the “guests” were having sex in the back yard with prostitutes), 10 bags of garbage left out rotting, unopened liquor left on the top of the overloaded trash cans, and a double-booking case where the second group told my neighbor “F — — you!” when he told them they couldn’t drink on the sidewalk while waiting for the management company to respond. The house was advertised on-line as “sleeps 19, great pool and game room.”

I have other friends who have short-term rentals next to them with 32, 39, and even more people partying the weekends away. Destroying both their peace and their neighborhoods. Party hotels don’t belong in single-family neighborhoods.

Then there are the folks I don’t know personally but are hurting, all over the State. Sedona has lost ½ of their rental inventory in the last 4 years to short-term rentals. They’re losing schools, Little League teams, and remotely-affordable housing for their teachers, firefighters, tourism employees, etc. Page, Bisbee, Jerome, Lake Havasu City, Flagstaff, and Cottonwood are suffering as well. Scottsdale has gone from zero short-term rentals to over 3000 since 2016. Paradise Valley is under siege, too.

Picture taking a walk your dog and nearly being hit by a beer bottle thrown by a partier up the hill… Or going into your back yard with your 4-year-old son and seeing people having sex on the pool slide next-door — with someone filming it! Then there are the “entertainers,” prostitutes and strippers…

“HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS HAPPENING?” you ask. It’s because the Legislature passed SB1350 in 2016. It was supposed to encourage the “sharing economy,” to allow people to share their homes without cities, towns, and counties being able to regulate them. The thought was nice, but Pandora’s Box didn’t just open, it exploded. All around the state, corporate short-term rentals have become an enormous business. Marriott Corporation alone now has 77 properties in PV and Scottsdale.

The cities’ and towns’ hands have been tied.

We are losing not just our peace and quiet. Our homes are our havens, which we’ve worked our whole lives for. We bought in neighborhoods with zoning to protect our investment, our kids, and ourselves. Our property rights should matter. But under current law, they don’t.

We are losing our neighborhoods, which are the foundation of our communities.

To top it all off, we are actively subsidizing our own torture! These businesses making our lives miserable are paying the same property tax rate that we do! This is 55% of the business rate, which is based on the stress a property puts on the infrastructure (think sewer pipes, for instance…)



There are three bills being heard in committees this Thursday morning (the 20th) at 8:30 AM.

  • The Senate Commerce Committee with hear SB 1554, which would only allow a property owned by a corporation, or not the owners’ primary or secondary residence, to rent once every 30 days. It would also limit occupancy.
  • Senate Commerce will also hear SB 1553, which would limit the concentration of group, sober-living, etc. homes and STRs in an area.
  • The House Government Committee will hear HB 2875, which would require noise monitors and the posting of owner/manager contact information on the property, as well as limiting both occupancy and the advertising of occupancy over the limit.

If you can attend the hearings it would be wonderful, but it’s crucial that the governor, committee members, and your own legislators hear from you — not just the industry — by Wednesday. We need to make our voice known.

Please call or email them right away. If you have a story yourself, tell it. If not, let them know you want protection from party hotels in your neighborhood. Our health and safety depend on them to fix this mess. Your email/message can be short. THEN forward this email to as many people as you can, so they can help, too.

We MUST save the State we love! Thank you for doing your part.

Mailing Address of Arizona Governor: 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA

Arizona Governor Tucson Contact Number: 520.628.6580

Sean Bowie 18 D 602–926–3004

David Farnsworth 16 R 602–926–3020

Sally Ann Gonzales 3 D 602–926–3278

David Livingston 22 R 602–926–4178

Tyler Pace 25 (V-Chair) R 602–926–5760

J.D. Mesnard 17 R 602–926–4481

Michelle Ugenti-Rita 23 (Chair) R 602–926–4480

Tony Navarrete 30 D 602–926–4864

The entire Senate Roster:

Walter Blackman 6 R 602–926–3043

Isela Blanc 26 D 602–926–5187

Domingo DeGrazia 10 D 602–926–3153

Diego Espinoza 19 D 602–926–3134

Jennifer Jermaine 18 D 602–926–3199

John Kavanagh 23 Chair R 602–926–5170

Kevin Payne 21 V-Chair R 602–926–4854

Warren Petersen 12 Maj. Ldr R 602–926–4136

Steve Pierce 1 R 602–926–5584

Lorenzo Sierra 19 D 602–926–3211

Bob Thorpe 6 R 602–926–5219

The entire House Roster:

It would be a good idea to contact these people, too:

To officially register an opinion on this bill at any point in this process, residents must use the Request to Speak (RTS) program, which requires in-person registration at the Arizona Capitol. After registration is set up, constituents may register opinions from home using the RTS system or in person at meetings.”

Susan E. Edwards, Chair | neighborhoods CONNECT

1145 West Edgemont Ave | Phoenix, AZ 85007–1114 | 602.625.6952

Neighborhoods Connect works to connect, support, and build healthy, flourishing neighborhoods.


AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona…

Ryan For Arizona

Written by

Ryan A. Starzyk, Democratic Candidate For Arizona State Senate, Legislative District 24. Military Veteran, Community Leader, LGBTQ+ Member (he/him/his)



AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona, State Senate Candidate, Legislative District 24. AZForward is dedicated to policy positions and proposals that will take Arizona Forward into the next generation of technology innovation and policy transformation.

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