Schools Caught In Pandemic: State Legislative Body Remains (Mostly) Silent

Our State Senate and House of Representatives are not taking swift action and should be.

Ryan For Arizona
Mar 14 · 2 min read

The list of school closings keeps going up by the day. Here is a current list of the schools closed around Arizona (so far). Nobody knows when this pandemic will end. We can’t even rely on the leadership in Washington D.C. to provide credible facts or information. If schools remain closed, parents will have to make difficult decisions from staying home and not working or paying extremely high child care costs. This is why the State of Arizona needs to be involved and help our residents before it’s too late.

Arizona elected officials allocated $50 million to combat the pandemic yet have not taken into account the economic impact to come. It’s a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off and our elected officials must act immediately.

If ever there was a reason for Democrats and Republicans to work together, this would be that time. School boards, legislators and big corporations in Arizona need to get serious and figure out how to mitigate the coming economic pain.

This is why we need our elected officials to allocate an additional $150 million to spend immediately on childcare, meals for students who can’t go to school and mass scale Coronavirus testing centers all around the state.

Put politics aside and do whats right. There will be plenty of time for politics later but right now, we need our elected officials to show real leadership. Let’s see if they have the guts to do it.

Ryan A. Starzyk, State Senate Candidate


AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona…

Ryan For Arizona

Written by

Ryan A. Starzyk, Democratic Candidate For Arizona State Senate, Legislative District 24. Military Veteran, Community Leader, LGBTQ+ Member (he/him/his)



AZForward is the official publication of Ryan For Arizona, State Senate Candidate, Legislative District 24. AZForward is dedicated to policy positions and proposals that will take Arizona Forward into the next generation of technology innovation and policy transformation.

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