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Animations are among the key factors that distinguish between the regular and outstanding user experience. UITableView provides us out-of-the box solution to animate list. In most of the cases this can be implemented very easy without any troubles and it will look very beautiful and professional, but sometimes, there is a situation where this is not the case.

In this blog post I will show basic implementation of this problem and give you some valuable advices to make your table view expand in some more elegant way. So without further ado let‘s get started.

Getting started!

Imagine you are working on a…

One of the most common problems we encounter, but rarely think about, is handling user’s taps on UI elements.

On Android, the Looper class—launched in the main/UI thread on the app’s start-up—provides a message queue for the UI thread, which is responsible for many things. One of them is handling the user’s gestures.

If the user, purposely or by mistake, taps more than once on a View with associated View.OnClickListener in a very small time interval, it’s possible that multiple tap events will be sent to the message queue, and subsequently, the OnClickListener.onClick(View)

One of the main aspects of software development is software quality. Products with high quality tend to go closer to the top in different statistics charts, especially financially oriented ones. Thanks to DevOps, applying the best software development practices and techniques has never been easier.

The definition of DevOps (Development and Operations) has never been clearly defined. Its meaning combines multiple aspects of each software product life-cycle. The main goal which every DevOps engineer tends to achieve is to ensure continuous and fast product delivery with the highest possible quality.

Nowadays, mobile development companies and clients are focused on fast…


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