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1.4.4 GASC Patch Note

A test version with several issues and functional improvements has been released.

📌 New Features

▫️ Add a function to sell NFT to the marketplace.

▫️ The BMI normalization function has been added to make it easier to use.

📌 Error improvement

▫️ We solved the issue where $AZIT was not acquired after Lv. 30.

▫️ Wesolved the issue where I could take a break when I registered the sale of NFT in the marketplace.

📌 Enhancements

▫️ Changed it to make it easier to check Azi who are leveling up.

▫️ The function of the marketplace filter has been upgraded.

▫️ Changed the BGM to Christmas theme music.

📌 Issues under improvement

▫️ Working hard to fix service network issues, but it can be exposed sometimes.

🚨 Precautions

▫️ When updating the test version, you must delete and reinstall the existing version to ensure smooth testing.

▫️ You don’t have to leave the membership, you can test it by logging in right away.

▫️ Last resting NFT with list function update is no longer automatically exposed to the main screen.



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