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3 Reasons Why We Need ‘azit’ — Partner Service

‘azit’ is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. ‘azit’ provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

We went through User benefits last time; in this article we’ll focus on benefits for partner companies that join ‘azit’.

‘azit’ is the first blockchain platform to interlock proptech companies’ points that provide residential services, where you can exchange points against other points and fiat currency. Residential services are becoming more essential in our everyday life, but the companies that provide those services have their own hardship when it comes to membership programs.

Unsatisfying point system for both Users and Partners

Even though Proptech companies provide convenience through their services, reward point systems in some ways always have been unsatisfying due to limited usability. Which in other words, results in limiting benefits when users use reward points.

It’s inefficient for Proptech companies as well. Companies take burden on cost when issuing reward points in exchange to use it as a marketing method to secure continuous inflow of users. Enormous amount of resource is put into building and managing a point system, in many cases which points become undervalued and doesn’t work as fluently as expected.

‘azit’ would like to share the benefits with partners that join the alliance.

So with ‘azit’, partners can

Maximize reward point’s market value

‘azit’ re-evaluates partner company’s point value. Blockchain based crypto AZIT Token can be exchanged against each partner company’s points. This way, the points that used to be only consumed in single service becomes usable in all other partner services, making the point value much higher than ever.

Also, partner company’s points can be exchanged against AZIT Tokens and then be turned into fiat currency through CEX/DEX. Points that only acted as a discount in a single service can now be cashed out, making the points be more valuable in the market.

Experience Co-growth in ‘azit’ alliance ecosystem

One of the most attractive benefit for partner companies comes from the ecosystem ‘azit’ has built, where residential proptech companies are gathered to share their traffic. Users that are locked into the ‘azit’ platform tend to use partner services within the ecosystem continuously. Partner companies will naturally share each other’s traffic, securing & increasing user inflow.

Just by joining our alliance, partner companies will experience more user inflow and higher conversion ratios due to ‘azit’ App’s service curation and integrated marketing that are personally customized for users.

Get development support for joining the alliance

‘azit’ provides API that relatively reduces the development resource and makes it easier to inter-lock compared to existing integrated point system. This also prevents sensitive information such as operation, financial, personal information from leaking since partners in the alliance won’t have to share each other’s customer information or payment details.

Transactions between partner points and AZIT Tokens are managed by blockchain technology. So, the point system will be managed in a more stable, reliable and transparent way.

Join ‘’azit’’! Where points make your space special.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

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