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Check out FAQs about azit Service

Welcome to ‘azit’!

This article deals with frequently asked queries collected from our community. The answers will be based on azit’s current (as of Dec 2021) progress.

Why is it called ‘azit’?

Regarding the name of the project, we thought about the feelings that came to mind when the word ‘azit’ was heard. A place where friends always gathered, a place where something fun always happened, a place with excitement with no reason. We just wanted a naming that could feel comfortable. And relating to that feeling, we got to wonder what our ‘azit’ would be like as a grown up and concluded that our ‘azit’ is eventually our home, our own space. My precious space is now my ‘azit’. So, our goal is to give the most benefit from that personal space by providing various residential services.

When is ‘azit’ BApp service launching??

‘azit BApp’ development is mostly finished and going through quality testing, repeating iteration after iteration to keep improving. We plan to finish preparation within Dec and decide the exact launching period with our partner companies.

What’s the difference from other blockchain based point projects?

There are a projects with similar concept for providing integrated point systems, but what distinguishes ‘azit’ from other projects is that we are specialized on proptech, in other words housing related services, and it’s hard to see any actual projects that provides benefits to both users and partner companies.

The reason why ‘azit’ is so special can be found If you look closely at the characteristics of residential services. For example, when you sign up for a real estate, next step you look for a moving company since you have to move, and then maybe look for a house designing service, house cleaning service, laundry service, pet service, delivery service etc. Proptech services are more attached to each other compared to other parts of the industry. So, once a user locks into ‘azit’ ecosystem, it is likely that he/she will use most of the partner services when moving to a new house. Based on a healthy ecosystem, partner companies’ business is expected to grow as more traffic increases.

Do you have any plans for NFT or DeFi?

We developed a NFT platform to prevent fraud and authenticate fashion design, and showcased it on the New York Fashion Week (click to see article). We definitely have the will to bring blockchain techniques like NFT, DeFi, etc. that fits and goes along with ‘azit’ platform. More will be revealed when the time comes.

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