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‘azit’ is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. ‘azit’ provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

‘The 1st GASC AMA’ was held on July 14th via GASC Discord
Once again, we show our gratitude to everyone who participated, and we prepared a review for those who couldn’t join us live.

  • We grouped similiar questions into larger categories, so the answers can cover most of the questions

azit DApp

Development Progress

The point swap service development is 100% complete. GASC R2E is still in progress, basic UI/UX are finished, setting ‘Azit’ on the map function complete, and main Relax function is under testing. We are also preparing for NFT minting.

Beta Test

It will be a closed beta test(CBT), and we are expecting the test to run within the third quarter, in August at the earliest, or at the latest in September. The period is 1 to 2 weeks, and we will give tester roles to multiple GASC NFT holders . There will be tester rewards, specifics will be opened in near future.

Minting Date, Price

Minting price is considered between 300–400 klay. Also, there will be a slight minting price difference in each whitelist role. As we know, the current crypto market are very bullish, so we are closely monitoring the market conditions to match the optimal price range for holders. We are also listening close to various opinions from the community.

Regarding the minting schedule, we have mentioned before that the minting is going to be in July.

The reason for the delay in the announcement is that we are continuously monitoring the market situation so that more people can mint in a better condition, and in order to make our minting more successful, we are also considering other options using other platfrom’s launchpad etc.

We sincerely apologize and ask for your understanding due to the delay. All of our whitelists will be distributed before the minting, currently whitelists are given through events, give-aways, and hand picks.

Multiple Holders, Floor Price maintenence

First of all, from minting day to service launch period, multiple GASC NFT holders will have benefits such as AZIT token airdrop, Land NFT airdrop or WL, GASC membership benefits depending on the number of GASC NFT you own. 5, 10, 15 GASC NFT holders will have seperate benefits, specifics will be announced as soon as possible.

Benefits for multiple holders ‘after the service starts’ are also being planned, and we will share this part when the outline is more specific. In addition, these multiple holder benefits will be one way to maintain the NFT’s Floor Price, and more importantly PFP membership to give whitelists and airdrops of popular projects are essential, but there are also High-end benefits being planned so people can hold tight on GASC NFTs.

What if Minting Performance is low?

It’s the worst scenario we really don’t want to think about. So we plan to share enough about the service before minting, development progress, how to maintain utility token price, and increase trust in GASC so that it can be a successful minting.
We actually do have prepared internal countermeasures for when the minting result is poor, but we am cautious about saying this now because we do not know what the situation will be as well as the disclosure itself may affect the minting.

Marketing, Partnership

Looking into point swap services, there are already Dabang and We Match. There are various housing related services which helps our point swap service to have larger scalability, we plan to expand our partners in fields including cleaning, laundry, interior and other services that can be used in the residential space, pet services, telemedicine services etc.

We are very excited that there will be a new partnership announcement soon, we are fixing our announcement timing. We are also talking with projects that are very trendy at the moment.

Among our current partneres, in the case of real collaboration, for example, Lazy Gourmet Club, they actually own F&B franchises and they plan to release a restaurant review app service, we can set ‘Azit’ boundary into their restaurants and when holders visit the place they earn more tokens + get discounts for orders. More concrete plans can be setup when the R2E service actually starts and Hangouts mode comes out.


Token use cases

GASC will have various uses, for example, as shown in the Docs, the more you relax, the more BMI increases, lowering the BMI level to maintain a healthy state will need tokens, leveling up the GASC NFT will need tokens, or maintaining the space called Azit where Azi is staying will need tokens. There will be more use cases when Hangout mode and Land NFT is updated.

Holders who have reached the end of the level (Level 30), as becoming an important member of our azit, will be given the right to participate in governance and voting power for various agendas .
The goal of GASC NFT doesn’t end at earning tokens and leveling up, but to build a true Web3 ecosystem that gives benefits via membership and shares the benefits with high-level, high-involvement participants. We will keep creating more benefits and ways for people to join GASC.


First of all, there must be various uses cases to create a sustainable model, so we connected azit’s point swap service and R2E. In this connected structure, we plan to increase the number of partners so that AZIT tokens have sufficient usage on both sides, and GASC will also continue to update new features where tokens can be used.

In terms of GASC alone, there are many spots where HIPS and AZIT tokens can be used, and we think that it is essential to balance mining efficiency and economy at the beginning of the service so that the inflation of HIPS does not increase at a sudden rush. And we are building up systems where users can exchange special items with certain number of NFTs, or a earning cap algorithm that can prevent inflation based on the number of GASC participants and mining volume.

We are also thinking about various solutions while monitoring the tokenomics, price, and traffic of various X2E models. Most importantly, in order to find various uses of tokens mined through GASC, we are trying to secure various partners so that they can be used in real life services through point swapping.


Regarding the specific numerical value, it is being simulated internally based on the default setting value.

The reason we aren’t updating the Docs right now is that it is still too early to update a fixed number because we are in the stage of finding the optimal value for preventing inflation and creating continuous usability.

To share a few things, the stress cap can differ from holding 1 through 30 NFTs, in a range of 2 to 20, and the cap be also increased by the rarity of the NFT. Attribute points are given at each leveling up, and users can place each attribute point on stats that they want to upgrade.

Genesis GASC NFT rarity has been updated in the Docs today, so you can refer to it on the Docs.

We will continue to update the Docs as soon as more specific figures are confirmed.

NFT Design

Genesis GASC NFT Rarity

Azi Design

Our Azi is inspired by hipsters. The fact that our main target audience is young, and that hipsters create a unique culture of their own, we thought it would be good to express the fashion of the 90s, the heyday of hip hop. So, the design that suits our GASC community was born.

Market, in-app Market

After minting, GASC will be registered on Opensea. In-app market place which is scheduled to be updated for the third quarter will mainly play a role of buying and selling GASC NFTs.


All of our developments are in parallel process but there are also priorities, so Breeding development will be focused in 3Q and hopefully be updated in 4Q, at a similar time when Hangout mode is added to the service. In order to breed, minting is possible when you have two GASC NFTs, and we plan to set a limit on the number of times each NFT can breed. Other than the Genesis minting, there could be additional minting through special collaborations with popular brands or projects.


Since Klaytn is accessible to domestic users and has advantages such as gas cost and speed, in the beginning, we want to focus on Klaytn in order to secure usability for users, and we will review multi-chain when we expand to other regions.

Oversea Service

We don’t plan to directly block users from other regions. However, our partners in point swap service are also targeting domestic users, so we plan to gradually expand globally starting with Korea.
There were also questions about expanding globally in the roadmap. If you look closely at the roadmap, we will start building and prepare global business in 4Q, so this is the stage of preparing the service. We are aiming to launch in 1Q in 2023 by making partners overseas and building networks.

If GASC makes excellent performance in Korea, we think it would be more easier to work with global exchange markets, launch pad etc. to promote GASC in a global regions.


Every person’s ‘Azit’ can be different, and we think that everyone has a different way to relax. And even if someone sets their workplace as a ‘Azit’, it may be possible on weekdays, but they’ll eventually have to move their ‘Azit’ on weekends. And it could be working hours, or a specific time, but mining efficiency can be slightly different depending on the daily time. And since the purpose of Relax itself is to build a healthier lifestyle from taking off time, we recommend that those who are working at home take a short break to get out of the azit boundary and go out for a walk or to refresh outside once in a while. When the service actually starts, various cases of cheating may be come up, but it does we will do our best to deal with that matter.

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Join ‘azit’! Where points make your space special.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

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