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The BM & AZIT Token Structure

Important parts of the 'azit' economic ecosystem

'azit' is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. 'azit' provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

Welcome to 'azit'!

Today, we will introduce the 'azit' token and BM. BM is a blockchain-based point for each service company within the 'azit' Alliance. It has the same value as existing points from each company. Users can purchase BM with 'azit' tokens.

'azit' is a utility token used by the 'azit' Alliance. It is a digital asset whose price is determined by the demand for the token in the market.

BM & AZIT Token Definitions

Blockchain Mileage

Blockchain Mileage (BM) is a mileage token created with blockchain technology that can be converted 1:1 into the existing points of partner companies. In addition, you can acquire 'azit' tokens by selling BM. BM has the same use-value as existing points and can be exchanged 1:1.

However, if you want to use BM for other companies’ services, you must first trade BM for 'azit' tokens. Then, convert the acquired 'azit' tokens into the BM of the company whose service you want to use.

BM exists for each partner company in the 'azit' Alliance, and each partner company manages their own BM.

'azit' Token

The 'azit' token is a cryptocurrency that can be purchased or cashed out on a cryptocurrency exchange. The price of 'azit' tokens listed on a cryptocurrency exchange is determined by supply and demand.

'azit' Token Circulation Structure

The 'azit' token is one way of purchasing BM. It allows customers to buy and sell BM between different services on the 'azit' platform.

'azit' tokens can be obtained in four ways: 1) by purchasing them from a listed cryptocurrency exchange, 2) by selling Blockchain Mileage, 3) by winning air-drop promotions, or 4) by having them transferred to you from another person.

Welcome to 'azit'!

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