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AZIT Token Metrics

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‘azit’ is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. ‘azit’ provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

Today, we will introduce the ‘azit’ Token Metrics. In this article, you can see the breakdown of the AZIT token distribution and how the tokens will be used. With token metrics, you can also check how many tokens will be issued. It is important information for investors, so we hope it will also be helpful for you.

Token Metrics

Token Name: AZIT Token
Total Issuance: 500,000,000
Token Type: Klaytn

The details of the AZIT token distribution are as follows.

  1. Partner Distribution (30%):
    This is the amount to be distributed to real estate, residential, and IoT-related partner companies that have joined the ‘azit’ Alliance. There is a difference in the total amount distributed depending on the partner company’s brand size, brand image, potential contribution, and order of subscription.
  2. Investors (25%):
    This volume is for strategic investors who helped in the early stages of business development.
  3. Marketing (20%):
    The amount set aside for marketing is to be distributed to users with the goal of activating the platform. It will be provided as a reward for contribution activities such as joining the platform, participating in events, completing missions, and trading BM (Blockchain Mileage).
  4. Team (20%):
    These tokens are allocated to the ‘azit’ team for business expenses such as R&D, personnel expenses, and facility management expenses.
  5. Platform Management (5%):
    This is the quantity provided for the long-term operation and development of the ‘azit’ Alliance platform, such as platform operation, management, and technical upgrades in the future.

Welcome to azit !

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