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What makes R2E so different from other X2E

‘azit’ is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. ‘azit’ provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

Welcome to ‘azit’!

Since Axie Infinity shook the NFT market, various P2E games have appeared, and many projects are still emerging. Stepn took the X2E scene by storm with the M2E model, and countless M2E projects are warming up to enter the market. However, behind the X2E projects that have received a lot of attention and are likely to go on a solid road, there are concerns about sustainability.

Newly X2E projects in general must be thinking about how to maintain a long sustainable economy system. . The same goes for GASC’s R2E (Relax to Earn), and today we’ll explain how GASC will make it last longer.

In order for a service to be maintained, users must continue to use the service, and users must have a motivation to continue using it. In particular, we all agree on the innovation and importance that blockchain technology will bring to society, but we sometimes miss the fact that there are still not many practical uses of cryptocurrencies, which is unseperable from blockchain technology, linked to the actual world.

1. GASC Business Model

One of the biggest concerns about X2E model is that in order to recover the initial investment cost, there always has to be new users inflows to reward early participants. To address certain matter, GASC receives a portion of fee when users consume tokens for using various functions in R2E.

AZIT token, which plays an important role in R2E service, is not only used in R2E, but in azit’s ‘point swap’ service, where users can exchange points to use residential/living services such as ‘Dabang (real estate app)’ and ‘Wematch (moving app)’. Everytime an exchange occurs there is also a fee taken.

And as one of the most important parts, in addition to the fees received from users, by utilizing the traffic generated from the ‘point swap’ service and the ‘R2E’ service, azit becomes an advertising platform to generate AD revenue from external organizations, and then used back to enhance the azit ecosystem.

2. Practical use in real life service

Azit made a connection with AZIT token and the real world service by partnering with proptech companies such as ‘Dabang’ and ‘Wematch’ and their points to be exchanged so the users can use actual services using cryptocurrency. Azit’s long-term plan is for users to benefit from various housing services such as real estate contracts, moving, cleaning, laundry, and interior decoration, and to improve the quality of their lifestyles.

Not only GASC has R2E token rewards, but offers various benefits through ‘membership’ whenever GASC NFT reaches a certain level. We also plan to provide discounts or opportunities to participate in promotions, especially when using real life services.

GASC users can use the AZIT tokens they received as a reward for real life services if necessary, and on the contrary, point swap users whose main purpose to use residential services such as Dabang and We Match are naturally inflown to GASC for relaxing, making a cyclical structure. We plan to prepare various devices such as promotions and marketing so that the inflow between the two services can be active.

3. Tokenomics

In by any means, the most important aspect to have sustainability for any project is tokenomics. It is not a different story for GASC as well. First, the azit team is putting a lot of effort into how to set the volume of the reward for the long-term operation of the project.

Many X2E projects offer a high level of reward. In a short term it may seem good at the moment to receive a high return from any user’s point of view, there is also the risk that the market may collapse in a short time due to excessive inflation. GASC plans to set compensation levels so that the economy can remain healthy slowly and over the long term while minimizing inflation.

In addition, revenue is important for every enterprise, but above all, GASC is focusing on creating a culture of rest and fulfilling its function as a social platform, and services will be operated to create an economy in this direction.

The azit team will continue to expand the ecosystem so that AZIT tokens can be used directly in real life, and strive to provide convenience and positive changes to users’ lifestyle.



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