The Great are alone, never lonely.

As you venture on the path of self improvement, there will come a point when you look from one side to the other and notice that there is nobody there alongside you. Internally motivated, real, self improvement will lead you to a point of having less things in common with those around you.

Becoming mentally and physically strong will make you uninterested in the common. Where most flock to you’ll want to avoid. What most enjoy you’ll find no satisfaction in. Where the willpower of the common crumbles, yours will remain standing like a wall erect.

Become used to being alone in your actions and thoughts. The more things you have in common with average men the more average you will be. The average will try their best to pull you back in at the first sign of you breaking off into an improved lifestyle. Their ability to pull you back in will bring them comfort.

Internal motivation is the key to weeding out the bullshit behavior of the common, soft, comfortable man. You will recognize the bullshit behavior and conversations, I don’t need to specify what they are. Tune them out, ignore the desire for comfort, and always remember why you do what you do. You’ll become good at it.

-PT (@Iampradyuman)