Mining Ethereum with Azure N-Series GPU Virtual Machines

Recently I wrote a blog named “Mining Bitcoin (+ Other Altcoins) with Azure N-Series GPU Virtual Machines” in which I used the name N-Series GPUs to mine Altcoins. However I was very disapointed with the amount of Cryptocurrency that I mined so I tried again but this time with Ethereum.

I made it easier than last time to do it as I compiled all the commands required into a simple script. Simply:

git clone
cd Azure-Ethereum-mine/
chmod +x
sudo ./

This will install all the required drivers and then generate a wallet address. Once that has been completed all you need to do is start mining (Yes, it’s that simple). To mine you will need a pool (I recommend using Minergate). Once you have signed up, run this command and replace ‘YOUREMAIL’ with your email:

ethminer -G -F --disable-submit-hashrate

And you’re off! The miner will need to build the DAG and then it will start mining. You can view your balance at the Minergate website. To ensure that the mining continues when you exit the SSH client, use the ‘screen’ command before you start mining and then enter the command. You can reconnect to the screen by doing:

screen -ls - This lists the screens that are running
screen -r SCREENID - This reconnects to that screen

I made about $1.5 a day with Ethereum which is much more than the pennies I got with Litecoin.

Thank you for reading and have a good day. Happy Mining!

Written by Ben Thompson.