$AZUR to Go Live on Aevo For Pre-Market Trading

3 min readJun 6, 2024


  • $AZUR will be available for pre-market trading on Aevo starting June 10
  • Participants can buy and sell $AZUR through a pre-launch token futures
  • Traders can farm extra $AZUR for future airdrop

We’re opening pre-launch token futures on Aevo on June 10 at 4pm CET, giving everyone the opportunity to trade our ecosystem token $AZUR ahead of its upcoming official launch.

Aevo is the world’s first high-performance decentralized options exchange. Pre-market trading is structured as an Over-the-Counter (OTC) service, allowing you to pre-trade $AZUR tokens before their official release. This setup enables buyers and sellers to transact at desired prices and liquidity levels before $AZUR goes live.

Additionally, the $AZUR token will be a part of the Aevo Airdrops — a new program where active pre-launch traders and $AEVO stakers have the chance to get airdropped pre-launch tokens. It’s simple: the more volume that a user trades on the $AZUR pre-launch, the higher the allocation they get for the future airdrop. This airdrop is related to pre-trading on Aevo, and it’s not linked to Azuro Score in any way.

Aevo operates with an off-chain orderbook and on-chain settlements. This means that once orders are matched, trades are executed and settled using smart contracts.

Upon the official launch of $AZUR and its availability on external exchanges, Aevo’s pre-launch token futures will convert into regular perpetual futures.

The $AZUR token has a maximum supply of 1 billion. According to our vesting schedule, the full supply is expected to be unlocked by 2028.

Pre-Launch Token Futures Specifications

  • Initial Margin Rate: 50% (Max 2x leverage)
  • Maintenance Margin Rate: 48% (Caution: Using your entire balance as margin may lead to rapid liquidation)
  • Max Position: $50,000 USD (Subject to change)
  • Index Price: Not applicable
  • Funding Payments: None

Contract Specifications

  • Taker Fee: 25 bps
  • Maker Fee: -10 bps rebate
  • Liquidation Fee: 5%
  • Settlement Asset: USDC

Through $AZUR, our community members can govern, stake, and support the growth of the Azuro ecosystem. Here’s how:

  1. Governance: Holders of $AZUR gain voting rights through the Azuro DAO, allowing them to participate in critical decisions that shape the protocol’s development and sustain its economic environment.
  2. Staking: An additional way to engage with the Azuro ecosystem is by staking tokens in the Azuro App or trading pairs on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to earn competitive APRs. Participation in staking strengthens the overall liquidity of the Azuro ecosystem, critical for maintaining efficient markets.
  3. Ecosystem perks: The utility of $AZUR also extends into ecosystem growth, where holders gain access to regular benefits and a share of the value generated from new applications and infrastructure partnerships introduced in the ecosystem.

More information about $AZUR can be found here.

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With its unique infrastructure layer approach, Azuro makes onchain predictions and gaming portable and composable. It allows anyone to engage and monetize users by building apps, integrations, and products quickly, permissionlessly and with zero upfront or running costs.




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