Azuro Is Now On Polygon And The Azuro Score Is Live!

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3 min readFeb 16, 2023


Azuro launches its v2 and the Azuro Score together with going live on Polygon

We are extremely excited to have now launched Azuro protocol on Polygon!

The launch brings a world-first opportunity to crypto users to get 1-click exposure to thousands of betting markets via a novel AMM-like liquidity pool AND earn Azuro Score points which will be convertible into tokens after the $AZUR launch!

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What is Azuro V2?

Live on Gnosis Chain since June, 2022 Azuro v1 quickly became the protocol with most active users on the chain. Now, Azuro brings its v2 to Polygon.

At its core sits the novel liquidity pool design, called the Liquidity Tree. It acts as critical on-chain infrastructure concentrating and dispersing liquidity for betting and gambling on-demand. It can support a vast selection of markets with:

  • deep liquidity
  • no transaction limits
  • LP open to the public
  • LP protection via slippage

For LPs this is the first time they can use stablecoins to get 1-click exposure to a virtually unlimited amount of betting markets!

For bettors it means the widest array of betting markets and deepest liquidity for betting available on-chain, and growing week-on-week.

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What is the Azuro Score?

Azuro Score is the measurement of contribution from early adopters and participants in Azuro. It is the first community opportunity to earn $AZUR tokens. Launching today, it enables anyone to get points towards their Score (via betting on Frontends and LP-ing into the Liquidity Pools).

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To celebrate the launch ~200,000 Ethereum/Polygon addresses have received complementary points towards their Azuro Score! You can find the list here.

What happens next?

bookmaker.XYZ — the first betting site powered by Azuro has already integrated Polygon access into their UI. It delivers pure on-chain betting: no logins, no limits, no bans.
Others like and WIP frontends are expected to follow suit later.

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Why Polygon?

Polygon’s proven track record of onboarding the biggest Web2 and Web3 names makes it the perfect home for Azuro’s mission to disrupt traditional online betting and bring the next billion users on-chain.

Polygon has a vibrant ecosystem amongst which is the biggest number of dApps focused on sports amongst L1s and L2s alike. Bringing Azuro’s liquidity to a space where the love for sports and innovation alike are already thriving is fitting.

Apps connected to Azuro can provide users with much better UX compared to other on-chain options, and for the first time — a viable alternative to traditional online betting operators.

The partnership between Azuro & Polygon Labs will bring non-custodial, trustless betting to the masses. Users can look forward to a seamless experience with plenty of liquid markets, rich features, and slick user interfaces.

Follow the links below to stay up to date with our progress.

Azuro Score | Frontends | Liquidity Pools | Twitter | Discord




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