Azuro Live League: Complete Weekly Quests and Win From A 100,000 $AZUR Prize Pool

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3 min readMay 8, 2024


Hello Azuro frens & influenzas 👋

Ok, we’re kicking off the pre-TGE winking and invite you to participate and have some fun with us (while earning some $AZUR).

What’s happening?

We’ve launched Azuro Live League ( — this activity, together with the Azuro Score, is your last chance to get your hands on $AZUR tokens ahead of the TGE.

The idea is simple: everyone competes for points and leaderboard positions for a prize pool of 100,000 $AZUR tokens.

👉 Join Azuro Live League 👈

How does it work?

Every participant in the Azuro Live League gets assigned to a CLAN (WEN or SEWN) and can be a TEAM LEADER (referrer) or team participant (referred). The top CLAN of the Week and top TEAMs get extra rewards each week. We announce these on our social channels.

What’s in for you?

Well, we’re really hoping you frens will rock the top scores of weekly team leaderboards and get yourself a nice chunk of the 100,000 $AZUR tokens from this activity.

To join:

  1. Go to
  2. Login via your main Twitter account (that would then be your team’s nickname — so publicity is appreciated and desired)
  3. Complete the quests
  4. Find your referral link in “Refer a Friend” (last quest) and share this link everywhere
  5. Start spreading the word!
  6. Get extra tokens by playing as a team (you and your referrals)

Reward distribution

50,000 $AZUR distributed between the top 1000 users of the leaderboard:

  • 1 Saga (tier 1) — top 100 places — 30% of tokens
  • 2 Saga (tier 2) — 101–200 places — 25% of tokens
  • 3 Sage (tier 3) — 201–350 places — 20% of tokens
  • 4 Saga (tier 4) — 351–500 places — 15% of tokens
  • 5 Saga (tier 5) — 500–1000 places — 10% of tokens

50,000 $AZUR for Weekly Competition:

a. REFERRER TEAMS — 15,000 $AZUR weekly (30,000 total):

Top 5 referrer teams of each week share the pool of tokens, where:

  • 1 Place — 25% of the pool
  • 2 Place — 20% of the pool
  • 3 Place — 15% of the pool
  • 4, 5, 6, 7 places — 10% of the pool each

b. WEN/SEWN CLAN — 10,000 $AZUR weekly (20,000 total):

  • The clan that earned more points this week, shares a weekly pool of tokens:
  • 30% of most active users get 70% of tokens and points — an equal share to everyone;
  • 70% (other users) get 30% of tokens — an equal share to everyone.

🚀 Earn points now 🚀

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With its unique infrastructure layer approach, Azuro makes onchain predictions and gaming portable and composable. It allows anyone to engage and monetize users by building apps, integrations, and products quickly, permissionlessly and with zero upfront or running costs.

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