Deepest onchain betting liquidity on most popular markets is coming back

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2 min readMay 10, 2023


Plus…a new opportunity to get double Azuro Score points!

Back in February, we launched Azuro v2 with 3 immediate goals:

1. For bettors: access to the deepest liquidity (biggest onchain bets possible without slippage) and widest markets (coverage of sports, leagues, events, and range of markets for each event).

2. For LPs: gaining 1-click exposure to thousands of betting markets, accessing stable, real yield on stablecoins.

3. For builders and marketers: allowing anyone to build a simple betting app in a few days without their own liquidity or risk management.

We achieved most immediately, but we faced some problems in late February…

Some events received a lot more liquidity than there should have been, and a few others were misplaced and took bets after the events had started/finished. There were issues with node stability, causing user and Oracle transactions to get stuck in the queue.

We took a step back, decreased liquidity for the time-being, and worked hard. We had to iterate to achieve goals n1 and n2 in full.

Since the beginning of March — the pools have maintained a stable APY above 20%. Occasional issues with delays in resolving events have become rarer and rarer. And liquidity has been allocated appropriately between top-tier and low-tier leagues and events.

That’s why — this weekend (May 12), liquidity on most popular markets is coming back with a BANG.

Big, fat $5-$10K bets are welcome in the main football markets.

This is a nice step, but still a tiny one.

Azuro’s pools will support increasingly deeper markets, more events and games

Azuro’s infrastructure will foster the creation of additional dApps and innovative blockchain-native betting and gambling products.

We’ll gradually communicate the next steps in our roadmap for bettors, LPs, and builders.

Stay tuned!

Double Azuro Score points May 15 — May 31 (UTC time).

To celebrate the return of deep on-chain betting liquidity, all Azuro Score points earned between May 15 and May 31 will be doubled.

This includes points earned for betting, LPing and referring friends.

It’s as simple as that. The exact mechanism of earning Azuro Score points remains the same and you can see the details here.

The bonus Azuro Score points will be attributed and visible on your profile in the beginning of June.




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