In Good Company: A Quick Look At Azuro’s Core Technology Partners

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3 min readApr 12, 2024


In the decentralized markets we operate, partnerships stand as a core pillar of our development roadmap. Since the very beginning, we have been working on finding technological solutions and business allies sharing Azuro’s vision for a more transparent and fair predictions market.

So far, Azuro has secured multiple partnerships with key players of the blockchain industry, all of them helping us move forward with our goals. Here’s a quick review of our core partners.

| This is a live post and more partners will be added in the future

Polygon | Boosting accessibility

Azuro went live on Polygon in January 2023. Since then, our protocol has gone a long way, with monthly volumes nearing $30 million from roughly half a million transactions. Over 25 applications are already running on Azuro, with many others in the pipeline.

The steady development of our protocol is also playing its part in supporting the growth of Polygon PoS — one of the world’s most widely used and built-in networks. In February 2024, Azuro made it to the top of the list as the biggest protocol by revenue on Polygon PoS.

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Gnosis | Improving user experience

When building a protocol for businesses with potentially high throughput and relatively low transaction value, like games and prediction markets, ensuring low network fees is a must. In this regard, our partnership with Gnosis simply makes a lot of sense.

On the Gnosis Chain, all smart contract interaction fees are paid in xDai stablecoin directly, instead of using a native token of the network. This approach reduces volatility risks and improves user experience for the end users of Azuro-run dApps.

Azuro v1 added support for Gnosis Chain in June 2022 and it quickly became the protocol with the highest number of active users. The Gnosis team has also supported the development of Azuro by participating in our previous investment rounds.

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The Graph | Transparency in focus

In traditional prediction markets, access to comprehensive data and insights into other participants’ activities is severely restricted. This limitation not only obscures a user’s ability to assess their own performance accurately but also constrains their understanding of the broader landscape. By utilizing The Graph’s API, Azuro addresses this major pain point.

Azuro’s collaboration with The Graph hinges on leveraging their API for more efficient data management and accessibility within the Azuro ecosystem. Through the creation of custom queries and dedicated subgraphs for both Polygon and Gnosis, Azuro frontends can harness on-chain data effectively.

Subgraphs serve as a conduit connecting Azuro’s market data with frontend interfaces. This connection is established through Azuro hooks, which contain The Graph queries, enabling the frontends to fetch information about available markets, games, conditions, among others.

The Graph is already supporting more than 40 blockchains, and we intend to continue deploying subgraphs as we expand the reach of our protocol to other chains.

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Azuro is the onchain predictions layer. It consists of modular tooling, oracle and liquidity solutions for EVM chains to host powerful prediction and gaming apps.

With its unique infrastructure layer approach, Azuro makes onchain predictions and gaming portable and composable. It allows anyone to engage and monetize users by building apps, integrations, and products quickly, permissionlessly and with zero upfront or running costs.

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