The $10K Christmas Combo Bonanza

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2 min readDec 20, 2023


Listen up nerds,

We’re doing something special for you.

This week, available on EVERY SINGLE Azuro ecosystem partner, we are giving out $10,000 in freeBets to 7–10 winners.

There are 2 ways to Win:

  • Place in the Number 1 spot at 12:00 UTC on ‘Highest Potential Payout’, every day.

This one is ranked such that: Amount * Odds = Potential Payout, with ranking Potential Payout as the criteria for winning. (Or losing, which most of you will do, because it’s just not in your genes to win).

Daily Top 1: $250

  • Place in the Top 3 spots at 12:00 UTC on Sunday for ‘Highest Winning Odds’.

This one is ranked purely by Winning Settled Odds. Bets that have the highest odds, that win in this period.

1st Place: $2000
2nd Place: $1000
3rd Place: $500

n.b Only bets of $10 or over will qualify.

See the Leaderboards:

All freeBets will be redeemable on your favourite Azuro Ecosystem Partner, where the winning bet was made.




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