The Global Betting Leaderboard — How to Get Ahead on Azuro Score

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2 min readSep 7, 2023


We have a vision for Azuro’s activity stats to one day become the de-facto leaderboard for the sharpest individuals in the world to compete upon.

Yesterday marked the second phase of our attempt to build in that direction while honouring the core base that is present on the network.

In this new iteration of the Azuro Score, we find ourselves in a more intense and rewarding environment, as we also start to mature the UI and how we interact with it.

Azuro Score Phase 2 is a major step closer to the future formation of the token DAO and the further decentralization of the onchain betting and gambling layer that Azuro is.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the newest changes.

Special Benefits for the Top 500

The new design has substantial benefits for the top 500 players, encouraging consistency and dedication. This benefits early adopters; with around 450 daily active network bettors, the should be a tangible and recordable head start.

Revamped Tier System

In a bid to streamline the betting process, the Azuro Score system has been revamped to a simpler 2-tier system. This change comes with an increased threshold, now set at 100,000 points, equivalent to $10,000 worth of bets at 1:1 odds, or $1,000 worth of bets at 10:1 odds.

This adjustment allows players to earn JUICED points without the necessity to bet large amounts, making the platform more accessible to a wider audience.

Multiplier Rewards for Phase One Participants

Azuro Score will include genesis multiplier rewards, which will be reflected in the final tally.

You should also have received special discord roles already!

Check more info on the snapshot here.

Dedicated UI

The existing system, acknowledged as clunky, is getting a much-needed upgrade to enhance usability.

This will include the weekly leaderboards, your all-time points and the total points generated in the program as a whole so you can see your share of the action!

Thank you all for your feedback, please keep giving it to us.

Learn More

To get a detailed insight into all the new features and updates, visit the following links:

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