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AMA: BAoE x Cryptoiz RECAP

On February 26th, 2022, BAoE had a very informative live AMA on Youtube Cryptoiz Indonesia. With the attendance of Ms. Mei Lin, the CMO of BAoE, this AMA session answers all of your inquiries before the BAoE Testnet Self Control Mechanism launch.

The AMA included 3 parts. Here are the highlights of the full session in case you missed it:

Part 1: Introduction of the guest:

Host: Could you please introduce yourself first and share with us the background of your team?

Mei Lin: Thank you. Today I am really excited to participate in today’s AMA.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mei Lin. I’m the CMO of BAoE and also the representative of BAoE. I’m delighted to be here to discuss the BaoE Project and our next steps.

As you guys all know, Business Age of Empires aims to bring NFT Gaming closer to the public with the spirit powered by blockchain, for everyone and everywhere.

Business Age of Empires features basic yet appealing gameplay that is appropriate for all ages, and the game also demands players to think creatively in order to find a variety of priceless gems. These are the significant benefits that contribute to the game’s unique appeal.

Business Age of Empires promises to make significant advancements in the project’s development as well as the day-by-day completion of the full Ecosystem established by our developers.

Host: Please share what BAoE is and share with us the highlight of BAoE that put it aside from its rival?

Mei Lin: Thank you for your inquiry. To begin, the game is intended to appeal to players of all ages. With Quickplay and Autoplay, I think that everyone can join and make money from our game.

Besides, the team will introduce new features and gameplay with each updated version to keep users entertained. As you all know, BAoE will soon release Self-Control Mechanism, and I believe that it will be a big jump of our project. Many gamefi projects follow the “Click to Earn” model and it makes players feel really enjoy while playing. With Self-control mode, players will need to have skills to play and earn the rewards. I believe it will attract more new users to our project.

Lastly, with a history as a technology business, the BAoE team constantly strives to bring genuine technology to the project. In addition to the foregoing, in order to retain players and holders, the BAoE team decided to share 20% profit of the game among investors.

Host: Please tell us more about the token $BAoE utility.

Mei Lin: The primary utilities of the token are:

1. First, BAoE is used as the reward that players earn when playing our game. BAoE token is also used to buy cyborgs on the Marketplace. Players can come to the marketplace and buy their favorite cyborgs easily.

2. Investors can trade BAoE tokens freely on PancakeSwap and Poocoin.

3. And last but not least, we would like to announce that we will release the Staking mechanism soon. Users can stake their BAoE to get profit in the future. I hope this function will be a good way to increase BAoE holders and retain early players.

Host: What are the major milestones BAoE has achieved so far?

Mei Lin: I can proudly say that, so far, we have achieved many goals on our roadmap. However, the most significant milestones for us are that we successfully raised about 3 million dollars in our seed round and private round.

Moreover, the IDO Round was completed smoothly, with a total raise of $350,000. After that, we have listed the BAoE token on Dex successfully and I’m quite happy to see the price of the BAoE token has pumped up compared to the IDO’s price. According to the roadmap, we also launched BAoE Quickplay and Autoplay mainnet in the first quarter of February. At first, there were some incidents, but luckily, the team tried their best to fix them.

And the latest is that we have launched the BAoE marketplace function so that players can freely trade cyborgs and own their favorites on it.

Host: Partnership is an important point, so can you list some big partnerships you have now?

Mei Lin: Exactly what you have mentioned. Partnership is one of the most critical parts that contribute to the success of BAoE. About our backers and partners, Meta Ultra Holdings, Grooo International, and D.H. Inc are famous in the traditional finance and technology market. Besides their experience, they also have abundant finance resources that support the project a lot at the beginning.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that Moonchase, CVS, and Sem Agency have joined us as key partners from the early stage of our project. We are so excited to share that many 3D gaming professional firms have also joined to construct BAoE to drive BAoE in the proper direction.

We are so proud to introduce Verichains, NFTrade, and Mochitab — the 3 big names in the Crypto field — as our Blockchains partners. Verichains provides us with high-quality blockchain development and smart contract security audit. On the other hand, NFTrade is a multi-chain and cross-chain platform for NFT creation and trading. They help us to facilitate our secondary NFT transactions for buying, selling, and p2p swapping, and explore additional collaboration possibilities. As you know, we have successfully launched our second IDO round on Mochipad.

Recently, we have collaborated with Team CGC and NFT Gamer — 2 significant NFT communities based in the Philippines and Thailand. We intend to focus on developing our communities in these 2 countries. In terms of other strategic partners, BAoE Team is still seeking some big names in related fields. We are taking our actions to contact them and make them our long-term partners.

Part 2: The CMO answered questions from the Twitter community.

1. Many experts said that the crypto winter is happening at the moment, so do you think the token price of BAoE Token? Do you have enough funds to survive after the crypto winter?

To be honest this question really gets to the point. Following the original seed round, we successfully raised $500,000 in a reasonably short amount of time. Following rounds such as Private and IDO also add to the fund’s operating amount rising in order to adequately support the project. Furthermore, supporters who have committed to long-term support via advisor tokens will have their support unlocked for a lengthier period of time. And as I mentioned above, all our backers own profuse financial resources. Mirae Asset Financial Group, one of Korea’s most well-known investment firms, owns a financial fund with more than 600 billion dollars. With a 13-year of experience in the technology business, the firm started engaging in and focused on the development of the blockchain platform in 2021, promising to unleash this field’s full potential. We believe that our fund is sufficient to deal with the worst scenario in the Cryptocurrency Market.

2. Can you explain the Self — control mechanism in detail? Is there a system in place to ensure that the total reward of this game mode will exceed the current two modes? Do players have to use their skills to improve rewards?

Self-control is a game mode where you control your cyborg to find gems in the ground yourself. There will be a certain amount of equipment to help with your search. The more players understand self-control mode, the more effectively they use cyborgs and types of equipment, the greater the number of tokens earned. At Self-control, skill and calculated equipment can contribute significantly to a high or low amount of tokens earned.

3. What are the benefits of the marketplace for players, can you name some specific?

Marketplace helps players access cyborgs in a cheaper way and get exactly the cyborg they need to choose. Those who want to optimize their cyborg’s lineup with Rare and Super Rare can sell less common cyborgs to reserve slots for other cyborgs, thereby maximizing their profits.

4. Upcoming Self Control question: Can you explain the equipment and stats of the cyborg?

There are 3 types of equipment including “Drill, detectors, and factory”

Drill: The function of the drill is to destroy layers of hard rock vertically or horizontally depending on the vehicle’s direction. Each time using the drill, players can destroy 3 layers of the rock.

Detector: The detector helps players to detect an area that they choose, and the number of gems in the chosen area will be illuminated.

Factory: 1 cyborg can keep 5 gems maximum, if you want to dig the theme and the number of gems you mine will be counted in the earned token, you must put it in the factory (control the cyborg to go through). It can be placed anywhere depending on the player’s tactics. Each factory needs a space of about 4 cells to build. When bringing resources back, the factory will process them to convert to money and free up the storage space in the cyborg. A small note for players is that don’t forget to bring all the gems to the factory before time’s up.

5. Regarding Self-control, we see different gems. So how many types of gems are there specifically? What is their value?

There are 5 different gemstones, ranked in ascending value: Bronze, silver, gold, Jade, and Red Beryl. The more valuable gems you collect, the more tokens you can claim. So, maximize the ability of cyborgs and equipment to maximize the number of tokens obtained.

Part 3: Question from Live AMA

1. Currently, BAOE has well-maintained community and social sites. Do you have any plans to maintain and develop more in the future?

Indeed, BAOE has a large, civilized, and very enthusiastic community. The information about the game is always updated to the players in the earliest and most accurate way. Active member events held regularly also make members of BAoE more active. However, we are aware that BAoE’s Discord community has not really grown, and this is also BAoE’s community development plan in the near future: Focus on developing Discord. Because for gamers in general, this is an extremely useful and almost indispensable application. Next time, the development team of BAoE will focus on active members’ events, events about memes, clips,…and many other interesting events.

2. What do you think about the price of Rare and Super Rare cyborgs on the marketplace? I’m curious if a group of players is dumping the types of cyborgs?

The price depends on the market. We are letting players sell their cyborgs from the price of 300BAoE to 3000BAoE, applying to all types of cyborgs. If you ask about the anti-dumping strategy, of course, we also have our own strategies to ensure that there is no rampant dumping in the market. As for the attractiveness of the current game, I believe that if someone dumps a cyborg, they will only regret letting their cyborg into someone else’s hands for a cheap price. Coming soon with new game modes — where cyborgs with better qualities will promote their value better, people will realize more clearly the difference of a Super Rare cyborg compared to the others, then I believe the price of the cyborgs will have a positive change.

3. The trendy keyword metaverse is frequently used. What do you think about Metaverse and the reason why BAoE wants the project to become the Metaverse version according to your roadmap?

Yes, our aim is to develop “Business Age of Empires” to Metaverse in 2023. We take this aim seriously and have a clear plan for it so we can make sure that we can achieve this goal in the future. About Metaverse, we believe that it will be the future of the world, not just a bubble waiting to explode. As we can see, Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the name of “Facebook” to “Meta”. It is a significant move proving to the world that “Metaverse” is not a fine allusion, it will come true. We just can affirm the exact time. It may take 2, 3, or 5 years or even longer than that, but “Metaverse” will be the future of the Internet. That’s why developing BAoE to Metaverse is one of the key goals of our project, and we believe that with all the resources which our team is having right now, we will be able to develop BAoE to “Metaverse” version.

4. It seems that the new game mode will be quite promising and rely heavily on the skill and understanding of the player. So have you thought of a mechanism that honors good players?

Let me share more about our upcoming update features. We have thought of a mechanism to honor the top players of our game. Many interesting tournament events will be created to find out the best players. In addition, BAOE has updated the Leaderboard function — A function to honor players with outstanding skills of BAOE. We’ll focus on a metric that illustrates a player’s skill which is the amount of their earned tokens aka their in-game rewards. The best treasure hunters will be the names honored on the Leaderboard, and of course, there will be a reward for the best. That’s all the information I can share now about the leaderboard function.

5. Can you update some information about the near future plan of the BAoE project?

About marketing action: We will promote more marketing action with more partners, especially ventures from the crypto community, also we will organize events on our social channels and community continuously to attract members. In addition, we will organize feedback from the community as well as updated information about our project to get more users to know about BAoE.

About the game: We will launch the Testnet Self-control mechanism on the very first date of March. Please follow us to keep updated with this for more information. After that, we will launch our Mainnet Self-control mechanism, which is an outbreak step of the gameplay, it will be the key process to help us attract more players to join BAoE at that time. Soon after, we will have a Staking mechanism for launching, as well as some updated UI from the game as our CEO had shared before. I hope that with this action, people can believe in our team and what we are going to do in the future.

Our AMA today has come to an end. Do you have any messages for our community?

We truly appreciate the enthusiasm of the host and the participants today. Hope that we have provided enough basic information about BAoE project.

If you love our project and still have many questions to ask, please don’t mind raising your voice in our BAoE Global community. Please look forward to BAoE’s upcoming AMAs with other communities.

Many thanks for joining me today. We wish you all the best!

About BAoE:

BAoE is a “PLAY TO EARN” game built on the BSC platform. In Business Age of Empires, players will embody cyborgs, go on an adventure to uncover the treasures, and learn more about mankind’s once-famous civilizations.


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BAoE is a “PLAY TO EARN” game built on the BSC platform. In Business Age of Empires, players will embody cyborgs, go on an adventure to uncover the treasures.