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An Agile Change

Change, of any kind, is always a brave choice because we know where we are starting from, but we never know where we will end up. This is what is happening to me right now, by following this new journey within the company I work for.

In this initial phase, I perceive this change as something extremely positive. I feel that I am free to express my ideas, free to ask my colleagues for help and sure to receive an answer from them, without having to feel guilty for not knowing as much as they do. This is something that is not so usual to find in the workplace, especially for a girl like me who is living her first work experience and finds herself working with people who are much more knowledgeable than her.

I haven’t been working very long, but I remember often feeling lost in the past, blocked in front of a screen without being able to understand why I was doing the tasks that were assigned to me. I completed them without questioning, without thinking that in the long run this way of working would become a problem for whoever would take my place in the future.

I felt like a butterfly that really wanted to fly, learn, be curious, as is normal for a young person, but couldn’t because her wings were clipped. But it only took a moment, something new, some fresh air.

And I felt the change.

I feel that by continuing along this road I will be able to grow both culturally and as a human. I now have the possibility to follow training courses that I can choose freely. It would be so simple to bring together my passions and curiosities and use these in the workplace now.

And there is nothing better than letting someone become free, because those who are free and happy will never have to work a day in their life.

The good thing about working in IT is that we should be the first people to experiment, evolve, grow and improve our attitude towards an ever-changing society. We can’t just do nothing and watch the world change. Let’s push ourselves to where others can’t see yet. Let’s help those in need, always, in every moment, even those we don’t know, because that meeting, that situation might just change our day and our mood, and perhaps also help us solve that bug that was driving us mad. We must not be scared of trying, experimenting and innovating.

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