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B Calm and B Corp

Behind the scenes at our company meeting

mondora @ rifugio salmurano

A few weeks ago we had a company meeting, where the whole :m team got together to discuss various issues and share ideas. There are 36 of us now, so there was no way we could spend the whole day squashed in our little office. We didn’t want to hire a conference hall either…far too formal for us!!

The solution we found was, I think, brilliant. We “hired” Rifugio Salmurano, a mountain refuge complete of bar, restaurant and wi-fi, and spent the day in the mountains. One of the advantages of living and working in the Alps is that you just have to look around you and walk out of the town to find a wonderful world of nature at your doorstep, waiting for you.

the meeting

Most of the team met at the office and drove up the mountain together. Some decided to run up, I rode my horse — and walked half the way when he got too tired! Everyone had about a one hour walk up to the refuge, and everyone made it to the top, where a hot breakfast and a beer awaited us.

Walking to the refuge

We all gathered round the fireplace to have our meeting, which went really well. Having no managers means everyone was allowed to talk, express their opinion and take up any subject they wished to discuss. We considered the progress we are making and the growth we are experiencing as a team, in order to better understand our future direction and the work we still have to do to improve. We spoke about team rotation, about our customers, about having main and side projects. We found solutions that we are going to try and experiment with, to make us an even better team.

Lunch time!

After enjoying a traditional lunch, we continued our discussion and reviewed the feedback we wrote and received on Officevibe, the anonymous survey platform we use to keep an eye on people’s happiness at work. Many people contributed with ideas and creative solutions, and the overall mood was very positive. We talked about what we are doing as a B Corp and what more we can do, and we ended the day with a discussion about giving compensation to people who choose to cycle or walk to work rather than drive, which received vast approval.

On our way back down we decided to stop at the Casèra, where our wheels of Storico Ribelle cheese (previously known as Bitto Storico) are kept. We have our own mondora shelf there now! Our project HireBitto is going really well and we will soon start seeing the effects of the benefit we are creating here.

Storico Ribelle — the mondora shelf

And finally, being Italian, it all ended with an aperitivo once back in town!

Personally I loved this company meeting, it was really productive and discussion was always focused on finding solutions rather than complaining about problems. We all worked together as a team and what we learned from this day is that we have grown a lot and we are ready to face the new challenges we have coming up!




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Kirsten Ruffoni

Kirsten Ruffoni

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