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Best for the World!

We made it! mondora has been nominated on the Best for the World list for Changemakers (our favourite!) and Best for the Long Term. This was a completely unexpected award for us! We are very proud to be on the Best for the World list because it’s a wonderful recognition of all our hard work and all the work of our customers and other stakeholders that helped us make this possible. We are especially proud of being on the Changemakers list as mondora enjoys being a disruptive company that is always pushing boundaries and challenging established models.

Here’s a little more about the work we have been doing this year.

1. Integrating Benefit with Software

All of our software is built around both business requirements and benefit requirements. We connect our software to an app we called Spluga that helps us monitor and measure the benefit created. An example of this is a software that enables accountants to go digital and use much less paper, and Spluga measures how many sheets of paper and consequently how much co2 this software is saving.

2. Interdependence Agreements

In all our contracts with customers we incorporate an Interdependence clause. With this clause we work together with the customer in creating benefit as well as software. We also connect different customers and enable them to work on a benefit project together.

3. Transparency and Trust

We are a company of adults and our working relationship is based on trust. All financial information is shared with everyone, there are no set budgets and teams can manage expenses autonomously. We have no managers, but all work together for the purpose of creating positive impact. These practices are what earned us a place on the Best for the World: Long Term list.

Our customers and the community that surrounds us always play a central role in contributing to the positive impact that we create together. As many of you know, our mission is to support the local agricultural community of Valtellina and to improve the lives of the people that inhabit this territory. We are trying to achieve this through the creation of Benefit Projects such as HireBitto and Share our Break. We have also set up an extensive welfare programme for our workers and we are constantly including customers in the impact creation through Interdependence Clauses in contract agreements. Last but not least, we are working on connecting the benefit measuring software Spluga to all the software we develop!

We believe in continuous learning and improvement and some of the goals we are still working on include a further improved welfare programme for our workers and, most importantly, a number of new Benefit Projects that include collaboration with other B Corps and that benefit the local community of Valtellina.

We believe joining the Best for the World list is a great achievement for mondora because it indicates that we are not best in the world, but doing our best to help the world and our efforts are starting to pay off, not for us, but for all. #bthechange!

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Kirsten Ruffoni

Kirsten Ruffoni

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