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Cycle2Work: Creating Benefit for the Community

For most people commuting to and from work is an unavoidable part of everyday life. In Valtellina for example, where mondora’s office is, many people commute by car because travelling by public transport is not always possible. This results in a large amount of CO2 production, just for getting to work!

If every colleague in mondora were to drive his or her own car to work every day they would produce 4.32 kg of CO2 each, which is a whole 172 kg of CO2… in one day! In a year that’s about 17 tonnes, which when you think about it is a huge number. We have various environmentally friendly policies in place to counter these emissions, such as the ability to work from home, giving preference to call conferences rather than travelling in person when possible, helping colleagues to find carpooling opportunities etc. However, we found that these policies were not enough for us, so we came up with something better: Cycle2Work.

Cycle2Work is a project that mondora is currently testing on its own employees and that will then potentially be extended to all our customers too. It consists of a dashboard from which a person can check how many reimbursements have been earned by cycling to work and a chat bot which interacts with the apps Strava and BlueMeteo, helping people to plan their journeys for each month. Cycle2Work learns which journeys are work related and which are not, and assigns a reimbursement for each km cycled on work related journeys. In this way we encourage our colleagues to get on their bikes and save tonnes of CO2 each year. Cycling also reduces stress and is great exercise, something office people like us definitely have a hard time getting enough of!

At the moment about 35% of the company uses Cycle2Work and this has enabled us to save 2500 km of car journeys, which equals about 1.1 tonnes of CO2 reduction. The programme is also positively influencing out of work activities: people are more careful of their use of the car and tend to cycle more on sundays and when on holiday too, encouraging their families to do the same.

Once Cycle2Work has been tested and is ready to be shared with the outside world we aim to present it to all out 200.000 customers. Our goal is to get 3% of these customers, which is 6000 companies, to adhere to the programme. If 3 employees in each customer company use Cycle2Work and commute by bicycle on average 10 days a month in the period between April and October, this will equal a whole 246 million km of environmentally friendly journeys, which translates to over 28 thousand tonnes of saved CO2 in one year. Not bad!

Cycle2Work is a great way of encouraging people to consider the environment and the community in which they live: less car journeys means more clean air for everyone. In addition the project generates a financial impact, so that employees who choose to cycle to work earn more than those who travel by car. The cycling reimbursements can either be paid out or used as bonuses to buy a new bicycle with a local retailer, encouraging people to shop locally and help creating benefit for the community financially too.

And finally, let’s not forget the importance of exercise and the benefits this creates for both body and mind: happy, healthy and environmentally friendly employees are much more productive!

Stay tuned for more updates as soon as testing is over and Cycle2Work is ready to go live!

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