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I’m taking my work home!

I have been working as a programmer for TeamSystem for ten years and I have always appreciated the work because of my colleagues and what we did. In the same way as for my colleagues, it often happened that I took my work home with me to complete at night or during weekends. I always felt a great sense of responsibility for a delivery, it was not that I could also bring my home to work! I am proud of being part of the small group of pioneers that have been granted the possibility of smart working since our office moved from Fabriano to Jesi.

I must confess that I initially lived this experience with some anxiety. I was worried that an evaluation of my performance and availability would influence the decision of extending my unique contract clauses to my colleagues too. So I constantly found myself glued to my PC for eight hours in a row and I only got up to use the toilet…taking my phone with me! After some time I realised that working from home is exactly like working in the office, so I was able to relax a bit more.

I now work with a much more peaceful mindset and I can finally appreciate the benefits of smart working.

Being able to be present in my home during the day gives me the opportunity to feel closer to my family, especially Jasmine (my daughter).

When she was younger I would have loved to dedicate more time to her, but the rigid lunch break rules of 12:30–14:30 didn’t fit in at all with her school timetable and all we managed was to spend a few minutes together at the table, where I was busy being a cook and waitress rather than a mother and friend.

In the evening I got home at 18:45 and I was often tired. I felt very guilty whenever she would ask me if I could please check her knowledge on the last lesson she had been studying, or she wanted to tell me something about her life.

Jasmine is 17 now and she is obviously autonomous in her studies. However, what we both appreciate of my new work situation is the fact that we are able to spend many more quality moments together, even just for those friendly chats between life sharers like us. We often have a cup of tea or a nice snack at around 17:30, whilst I run some unit tests, and we are able to enjoy a good chat too.

I can say that life has become more “human” thanks to the possibility of working from home: this has had different effects, for example that I am becoming closer to my daughter, observing a growing maturity every day and discovering aspects of her personality that make me ever more proud of her.

For the coming future, as soon as the school year is over, I’m planning a long and wonderful time at the sea with my family, where I will be able to “smartwork” and, when necessary, travel to Jesi in just a short time.

I honestly can’t wait!

I am happy I have managed to bring my work home and to be able to confirm, day by day, that the company I work for is undergoing a transformation in line with modern times, in which workers are being recognised more as adults! I suggest many companies should follow this path!

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