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Impact Report 2019

Written by Kirsten Ruffoni, translated by Irene Brambilla and reviewed by Alison Ruffoni

mondora’s 2019

2019 was an important year for mondora: we moved from considering our collective impact exclusively, to integrating the personal impact that every employee brings to the workplace.

We also consolidated and expanded the concept of Interdependence Agreements, extending this practice to all our customers, suppliers and occasional collaborators.

These are important changes that allow the company to acquire greater awareness regarding the forces that guide us through the creation of a positive impact and the number of stakeholders involved in this trial.

This year’s focus, in fact, was to give space to everyone’s initiatives and ideas, since people are the heart of the company.

This approach produced very interesting outcomes that go far beyond the impact that the company can create from the work of the benefit-dedicated team.

We have covered issues such as disability, psychology, accessibility and social inclusion.

Thanks to these initiatives, mondora was able to create important relationships with various stakeholders, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and other sector experts with whom we collaborated in the implementation of projects and workshops.

The personal impact brought by the company’s people is summed to the one the company creates through its core business, with Interdependence Agreements and projects for the local territory.

Many of mondora’s software products are now benefit by design, integrating a positive impact production from the early stages of product design.

This allows the development of software that produces impact from its first release, considering factors such as accessibility, environmental sustainability, and ethics.

The company, together with its customers and suppliers, also carries out various projects related to the territory and the local community of Valtellina and beyond.

Mondora uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals framework to analyze and monitor the impact produced.

Specific focus is placed on goals 8, 9, 12 and 17, and the company is committed to considering all 17 points.

SDGs and their subgoals are associated with the five areas of B Lab Assessment, and create a list of objectives and specific targets shared within the company and towards which all employees work together.

At the same time, the company is focused on the continuous improvement of the business work by considering goals where there is still work to be done and analyzing its business operations to identify the areas in which a negative impact is generated.

Everybody’s work and constant commitment in the company allowed mondora to receive four different Best for the World Awards this year, in the categories Changemakers, Community, Governance and Overall.

Would you like to know the business practices that led to these international awards? Read the full report (Italian).




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High value software created by highly valued people using agile and scrum, mondora is a bcorporation that wants to bthechange and help the local community

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