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B Calm and B Corp

IT and connecting with nature in mondora, an holistic dualism

Being a B Corp and a Benefit company, mondora’s purpose is also impacting positively at the social and environmental level.

Much of its positive impact is produced in initiatives for the territory of Valtellina, where the company was founded. These initiatives are aimed at protecting the agricultural and agro-pastoral traditions of this alpine land.

HireaFarmer: one farmer every 20 employees

With the HireaFarmer project, mondora promotes organic and biodynamic farming. This project allows the preservation of the territory, which is cultivated with non-intensive methods, and also supports workers’ health since they receive monthly organic food.

Farmer for One Day: a workaday from PC for one in nature

To promote mondorians’ well-being, there is also the initiative called Farmer for One Day, which allows developers, interfaces designers, communication professionals, and other mondorians who usually work on computers, to do a workday in the fields, helping fellow farmers. A way to detach from everyday life, enjoy nature and improve their psychophysical balance, without having to take a vacation.

Hirebitto: one form of cheese per mondorian

HireBitto is another initiative linked to Valtellina’s territory: for each new mondora colleague we purchase a form of Storico Ribelle, a cheese produced through traditional methods in respect of the environment and health. The cheese is “adopted” by the mondorian, who decorates it using edible ink, such as blueberry.

Veggie boxes: “sending” territory to distant colleagues

To allow colleagues who live far from the Valtellina to keep this connection with the territory, every month a small box with the products cultivated by the farmers is sent to all the workers present in Italy.

Earth, food, and rituals

Sharing of food has always been a ritual to establish group belonging, veggie boxes are a tradition to maintain a physical bond with colleagues, through foods they receive directly at home.

Ritualistic is also part of the agricultural process to cultivate: biodynamic agriculture, based on the anthroposophical spiritual vision of the theosophist Rudolf Steiner.

The company as a place of balance

Being so connected to local territory is an unusual choice for an IT company, a sector that is “ethereal” and detached from the physical world, yet consistent with the holistic vision of the founders.

“It’s a matter of yin and yang, of polarity,” says Francesco Mondora, Co-CEO “we know that we are working with immaterial, but that our feet stay on the ground.

So from this great abstraction that dominates our lives, we need to reconfirm our bond with the earth.

This explains the decision to move from the globalized context of IT to a very local one, from the global benefit to a local benefit through its opposition, land, and territory.”

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