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B Calm and B Corp

Let’s Get to Work!

The B Corp community message to the international business

Rethinking the purpose of capitalism

The Business Roundtable (BRT) is a non-profit association based in Washington, USA, whose members are the CEOs of the most important American companies.

Nel mese di agosto la Business Roundtable ha annunciato la modifica del “purpose of a corporation” con la firma in calce dei CEO di 181 aziende associate.

In August 2019, the Business Roundtable announced the “purpose of a corporation” modification, with the signature of 181 member companies CEOs.

This modification states that the companies’ purpose is to generate value not only for shareholders, as it was before, but for all stakeholders.

A shareholder can be an individual, company, or institution that owns at least one share of a company and therefore has a financial interest in its profitability.

Stakeholders are any person or group that is impacted by the company. They represent the universe of people and entities interested in the products, services, state and well-being of the organization. They include shareholders, but also clients, investors, suppliers, company employees, public opinion and the media, the community, trade associations, and others.

The B Corp Community reaction

This was a turning point, which generated a debate on the entrepreneurial and managerial culture. The same debate led by the B Corp movement/benefit Corporation for years.

The B Corp community has decided to raise its voice on the topic addressing the Business Roundtable through the major international newspapers.

In the USA, the CEOs of 33 B Corp used the Sunday New York Times. Their appeal calls the members of the Business Roundtable to act concretely to evolve towards a model in which the business creates value for all the stakeholders. The message ends with an exhortation to work together for a real change.

La comunità B Corp, che da anni lotta per questi propositi, ha deciso di far sentire la sua voce al Business Roundtable utilizzando le maggiori testate giornalistiche internazionali.

Also in Latin America and Australia, the main newspapers were used by B Corp community to appeals to the corporate world.

New York Times — 25 Agosto 2019, Argentina — La Nacion — 9 settembre 2019, Australia — Financial Review e The Age

The Italian appeal

In Italy, the B Corp community did not miss this sign of change from the business world.

The main Italian B Corp published an appeal using two of the main national newspapers: Repubblica and Corriere della Sera. Their message appeared on Monday 9 September, addressing the leaders of the major Italian companies.

Repubblica e Corriere della Sera — 9 settembre 2019

As for the USA appeal, the Italian message asks the declaration of intent of the Business Round Table to not remain a mere purpose but to become concrete actions to modify the existing business model.

The letter invites them to contribute together on a future of lasting and shared prosperity.

Our contribution to the change

Mondora is also part of the B Corp who published this appeal.

Our business model already states that we should generate a positive impact not only for shareholders but for employees, the environment and the wider community, as documented by the many projects that we carry out at the local and national levels.

We believe that our model is effective and sustainable at the same time and that it must be adopted by all organizations to guarantee a future of prosperity for everybody.

For this reason, we joined our voice to that of the B Corp community: It’s time to get to work, to create a real change.

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