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Living as a B-Corp

I work in a incredible environment. My company mondora is a Benefit Corporation that is trying to make the world a better place, and this year we won awards in two categories as Best for the World 2017! We are focused on creating something of value for the community, especially in our Valtellina! My homeland. I had never heard about B Corps before joining mondora in December 2015. I felt that the impact with this new reality was amazing for me! I’m really happy to be part of this project and to help my team in the development of our benefit projects like hirebitto.com! But this is not the place to talk about all our exciting benefit projects, if you want you can read more about them on our blog: bcalmbcorp.com!

First day in mondora! #enthusiasm

I’m writing this post as praise for mondora, not for any specific person but for all of the wonderful people that make up the :m team! I believe that mondora has change my mindset and I came to understand this after a difficult moment of my career in the company.

During all of August and September I faced a difficult moment of my life. These things happen to everyone! When I look back now and think about that period it should make me smile, because sometimes we create monsters from little problems! This was exactly what happened! Loads of racole (problems in mondora’s slang) at work and outside made me very angry and disappointed. Probably, even though no one told me, it to be hard to be around me during those days.

Melancholic days

Suddenly I felt that the magic that had been created in mondora had become extinguished, choked by all the problems, and I found myself without energy or enthusiasm to participate in the company’s life. And all the efforts made by mondora to create a better place and the B-Corp spirit seems useless to me. I know, it’s bad to say this. But I’m writing about a bad moment.

However moments come and go.

On the 29th of September my friend Carlotta graduated! An important event needed a special present. I chose to donate a WWF Symbolic Species Adoptions for her. We both love horses, so I decide to adopt a Przewalski’s horse! But a basic adoption wasn’t challenging enough for me (notice the mondora mindset here!).To help Przewalski’s horses I decided to devolve 1€ for every point of Carlotta’s final graduation mark (in Italy a degree can have a maximum of 110 points). I don’t wish to disclose the final value of the donation, but Carlotta is an incredibly good student! It was an amazing moment when she realized that with her hard work she was something of great for the planet!

Graduation day!

How did I come up with the idea of this gift?

I often like to rework my thoughts and try to find different perspectives on things, but I don’t always do this task very well. But sometimes I do get things right and when this happens it is incredibly helpful. This was one of those times in which I managed!

This gift was inspired by mondora.

Before I began working for mondora I’m sure that I could have chosen a beautiful gift for Carlotta, but this company has taught me to pay attention to how every single action that I take can be of value to others, and this engages me into thinking ‘how can an action be better for the planet?’. With this belief, or understanding, I was able to create benefit with the simple act of buying a gift and I exported this vision to a person that doesn’t live our company and B-Crop ideals every day like I do.

I only realised this a few weeks after the graduation day, but when I did it was an incredible moment for me. Maybe we cannot change the World with one single step… but we can change our mindset in order to help the environment in which we live every day become a better place.

My enthusiasm is now as high as on the first day, I’m really committed to our mission as software developers and as a changemaker. Thanks mondora for not only allowing me to work in a B-Corp but to help me live as a B-Corp… or I should say: as a Benefit-Person ;-)

Last but not least:

if you want support WWF’s efforts to protect Przewalski’s Horses and their habitats go to WWF’s store and make the right choice:

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