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Nature is Everyone’s Business

Written by Irene Brambilla and review by Alison Ruffoni

Environmental sustainability has always been an important topic for mondora. As a Benefit Corporation, we believe that it is the companies’ responsibility to take care of the land and create a positive environmental impact. However, companies can not change the system on their own. As emerged during the Italian B Corp Summit, we need collaboration between the public and private sectors to be effective.

For this reason, mondora joined Business for Nature, a project that brings together the voices of hundreds of companies that want to ask governments to adopt better policies for the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of natural resources.

With the hashtag #natureiseveryonesbusiness, this group will be present at international events such as the United Nations Biodiversity Summit, the Convention on Biological Diversity of Montreal, and the World Economic Forum, giving voice to the companies who believe in a positive change for the world.

Why we should act now

As we all know, the relationship between man and nature is at a critical point. For several years now, natural resources have been subject to a very high level of exploitation that does not allow them to be renewed.

But these are the years when governments have a unique opportunity to make international agreements to reverse this destructive trend. We can and must act now to create a more sustainable and resilient future that respects the limits of the environment.

What nature means for us

Mondora’s headquarters are located in Valtellina, an area where nature is everywhere, from sunny valley territories to high mountains.

Certainly influenced by such an important presence, we place the preservation of the environment as one of our priorities.

And we do this directly; for every 20 employees, we hire a farmer who works with organic methods to produce fruit, vegetables, eggs, and honey to share with colleagues.

Organic farming is a type of agriculture that takes advantage of the natural fertility of the soil by encouraging it with limited interventions, promoting the biodiversity of domestic species, and excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms. In short, a form of agriculture based on respect for the times of nature, rather than exploitation.

Our farmers are those in the company who experience nature most directly. So we asked them to make a call for a more sustainable future.

“It is of primary importance to change our approach to nature“ says Simone, one of our farmers. “Accustomed to an unconditional development system, we treat the earth as a productive machine, but this is not its role. The earth is life and its fruits are not just products, they are also life”

If governments, people or the economy will not change the direction of development, nature itself will force us to do so. Why do we ask you to do so, governments? Because the problem is global and needs to be dealt with as a whole.

The importance of cooperation between individuals, public and private sectors is also reiterated by Luca, one of the three farmers hired by mondora. “It’s important to support companies that work ethically. I am part of a Purchasing Solidarity Group, with which I support projects that I consider worthy. Governments, however, must also favour companies with targeted policies. Because nature is everyone’s business”.

Would you like to support the project? Join Business for Nature



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