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Non Compete Agreement

Working in an open hearted company such as mondora requires a great deal of trust between people, which also extends to future coworkers. Non-compete agreements are always a crucial part of every work adventure.

Traditional companies tend to rule, and have control of, everything. A new employee knows what to do and what NOT to do. It’s like when you leave your children at home for the first time and you start advising them on what NOT to do. In mondora we have a completely different approach: when we hire a new colleague we outline the no-compete agreement in a specific chapter.

Our non-compete agreement looks something like this (the exact version is in Italian and in more formal language):

“mondora has invested a lot in time, resources and money in the creation of its client base and its market position. It is therefore appropriate to suggest and offer the classic no-competition act to the employee. Instead, due to the level of maturity and responsibility of the parts, we have decided that it is not necessary to regulate competition because we leave it to be regulated by common sense and each individual’s sense of righteousness. Both during and after collaboration we propose that the employee does not engage in activities that can damage the market position of the company and that the company does not interfere in the professional life of the ex- employee.”

Instead of writing rules, spending time with lawyers and trying to define boundaries, we understand that adults must be advised by adults. During the time that the employee is inside the company we work with her to identify our core principles and values, as well as the reasons why we have to work together.

If this “why” persists when the colleague leaves we’ll be happy. We know that we’ve done our best.

If an employee resigns to then take up a job for one of our customers that is in direct competition to us we consider this a failure. However, we define failure as a starting point for learning something new, so it’s not entirely negative.I know we are continuously exposed to such possible failures, but without these we — as a company — cannot grow. For us the company, with her values and principles, is like a big soul that keeps improving over time.

Our version of the non-compete agreement is the approach we take with people from day one of our working relationship. We want our colleagues to be themselves from the first time they step into our company, and we’re happy to suffer failures and learn something from them!

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Francesco Mondora

Francesco Mondora

co CEO and founder @mondora, first IT Bcorp in europe | Cloud Trusted Advisor, Coach and Public speaker | Serial entrepeneur | Biodynamic geek

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