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B Calm and B Corp

Our B Corp journey so far

Mondora first certified as a B Corp in March 2015. Back then we only had a basic notion of the movement and what was involved, and we became a B Corp just in time to take part in the European launch party in Amsterdam, which was an eye-opening experience.

Fast forward to one and a half years later and things look very different. We are a legally registered Benefit Corporation and have incorporated our social and environmental mission in our official company statute. We have helped one local company in becoming a B Corp, guiding them through the assessment as it was not yet available in Italian, and we are working together with a second local business too.

We put a lot of voluntary time into helping other local businesses in certifying as we believe it is an important step towards improving the life of our land and of the people that live here.

Biodynamic farming in Valtellina

The Change we have made so far

But what about us? What have we done within mondora? Well, working so much on the assessment over and over again has given us a pretty good understanding about all the things a Certified B Corporation can continue working on to keep improving its social and environmental impact. So we did just that. Some of our main improvements include:

  • Re-writing our company mission to include our social and environmental targets of supporting the local community and the local primary sector of Valtellina, which is a beautiful rural area of Italy.
  • Legally becoming a Benefit Corporation, in order to preserve the nature of the company in case of ownership change — once you sign you can’t go back.
  • Sharing financial information with all employees and sharing knowledge about how to read this information correctly.
  • Creating an employee handbook which is publicly available on GitHub and is constantly updated to improve employee life, environmental awareness and social contribution.
  • Implementing the use of an external, anonymous feedback tool so that everyone can evaluate how things are going in mondora and share feedback and ideas. We don’t have any scary performance reviews, but deal with issues as they arise and talk together to find solutions that make everyone happy.
  • Working on a variety of projects in which we use technology to help and support local farmers. Examples of these projects are HireBitto and ShareOurBreak (coming soon).
  • Choosing our customers carefully whenever possible and preferring to work with those who can prove their project will contribute to making the world a better place.
  • Changing energy provider in order to buy green energy from renewable resources.
  • Working with our office landlord in order to improve the energy efficiency of the building and obtain a green certification — in progress!
  • Monitoring CO2 more carefully and setting reduction targets through team efforts such as carpooling or cycling to work.
  • Encouraging telecommuting, out of office days, days working the fields, etc to improve employee happiness and reduce stress.
Colleague cycling day

Ownership changes

In June 2016 mondora became a Team System Company. As more than 50% of ownership changed, we had to re-certify within 90 days. We took this as an opportunity to showcase all these wonderful improvements, and moved up the scale a whole 11 points, from 94 to 105.

Being a service-based software company with multiple customers from a wide range of backgrounds, it is not always straightforward to explain how we are contributing to making the world a better place. Rather than one big thing, we are constantly working on lots of smaller projects that have a positive impact. It is also not immediately obvious that we focus a lot on helping small local farms either… why should a software company be interested in farming?

Luckily, the founders of mondora, Francesco and Michele, are themselves Biodynamic farmers. Thanks to their great knowledge of sustainable farming, mondora is able to actively help the rural area of Valtellina through a variety of projects that mix technology with organic food production. And on top of this, mondora’s employees get free organic food for the office and are able to mix their software days with some farming days now and then to keep their minds fresh, happy and active!




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