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Our commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2030

The United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental treaty signed by 196 states + the European Union to address the climate crisis we are experiencing.

Periodically, UN representatives (short for UNFCCC) meet for an update on the current situation and outline actions aimed at decreasing global warming.

The last meeting, called UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 took place from 2 to 13 December 2019 in Madrid. The conference was designed to define the steps to be taken to make operational what was defined in the Paris Agreement of December 2015, which sets out a global action plan, aimed at putting the world back on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming.

Indeed, the scientific community claims that the temperature mustn’t further increase by more than 1,5° C, to avoid irreversible damage to the ecosystem.

The studies carried out are extremely alarming because this maximum limit could already be reached by 2030.

For this reason, on 11 December, during COP 25 in Madrid, the international B Corp movement released a statement on the need for joint and targeted action on this emergency.

The Carbon Neutrality Challenge

The B Corp movement has issued a challenge amongst its members for the event: achieve Carbon neutrality by 2030.

“Carbon neutrality” means the zeroing of the carbon footprint of the organization, that is the cancellation of, and when not possible, the compensation for the production of CO2.

This objective covers three areas:
Scope 1: emissions produced directly from company-owned sources
Scope 2: emissions generated indirectly through energy purchase
Scope 3: emissions generated indirectly through the production chain, such as shipments or employee transport.

The process involves a phase of emission quantification, actions to reduce them and if not possible compensation solutions (for example, funding a reforestation project).

We accepted the challenge

Mondora decided to take up this important challenge to preserve the future of our planet.
At the moment, we already have several policies to reduce our climate impact.

Although we only produce digital products, we are aware of the negative impact, for example, on the use of cloud servers.

In fact, in 2018 we carried out an in-depth analysis of the impact of our business operations that led to the definition of guidelines for the choice of servers to be used.

After a careful assessment of the environmental impact of various suppliers, it was decided that we would rely mainly on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. These providers have a plan of reduction of their carbon footprint and are the best choice to have the lowest impact possible.

As for the energy used for the office, we have a contract with NWG, a provider that uses renewable energy and is a certified B Corporation.

Concerning our employees’ transport, we promote sustainable mobility through various practices.
One of these is the Cycle2work project that allows our colleagues to receive a kilometer refund if they decide to go to work by bike. It’s a project that has seen great participation from colleagues, making some of them abandon the use of cars for months, at least to get to work.

For those who can not use the bicycle, we promote the use of carpooling and the remote working, to avoid using the car every day.

We are also promoters of a sustainable mobility culture, organizing conferences and events aimed at raising awareness on this issue, such as the recent Food4Thought in which we gathered several representatives of the mobility world.

We also promote organic farming through initiatives such as Hire a Farmer, the agreement that states that for every 20 colleagues (mostly computer engineers) we hire a farmer who works with biodynamic methods. Another one of our initiatives is HireBitto, where mondora buys a wheel of cheese produced with traditional methods for each new employee hired.

For this reason, we thought we were ready for this call and we expressed our support for the initiative: towards 2030 with zero emissions!




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