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Rising Interdependence agreements are not so Far

In our company we emphasise the idea that everyone is responsible for their own present and future work. We like the idea of developing every single relationship where we can give all we have. This sometimes helps in transforming a customer into a provider. The roles continuously shift from customer to provider and back again. I love to define this kind of event as the implementation of a de-facto partnership without thinking about formal agreements.
We share our values with companies as they share their values with us: it amplifies our relationship with the market.
I think partnerships are formal agreements, and I usually only reckon with them with large technology vendors like Cisco, Amazon, HPE and others.
When we don’t sign any documents and this things happen, I like to define this as interdependence between companies.

There is an implicit interdependence agreement in which we agree that:

  • We are grateful to each other
  • We love our counterpart’s business because we think they are doing great
  • They love the way we do our business because they think we are doing great
  • We are both creating benefit for the community, society
  • We define a common ground with values where money is just a side effect of our work
  • People first and horizontal leadership is applied
  • We believe that we can change the world together
  • There is a Must Discover Agreement where our people decide what must be discovered

These are only just a few untold and unsigned common things that I use to define interdependence between two companies.
This is what is happening with several companies to which I am so grateful.

The first company is Far Networks, a certified Cisco Integrator in Italy. First they were customers; we started helping them to solve application problems with their customers. We met, understood our values and shared lots of things. Now they are also suppliers. When we have to deliver our Application oriented services with high quality network oriented Cisco services we work together. We are doing lots of things together: co-training at very detailed Cisco Services, implementation of Private Cloud IAAS/PAAS Cisco Solution and more. We don’t have a partnership agreement, but we have an implicit Interdependence agreement between us.

The second company I love to mention is People Rise. We share the same principles and we’re going in the same direction. We know that together we are changing the World. I suggest People Rise to our customers when they want to change their culture. People Rise is doing the same. We don’t have a formal agreement, we don’t have a partnership statement signed.

In both cases, we act as if we are the same company. I can see everyone as a company’s colleague.

This is what I see when we are not so Far from thinking about rising interdependence agreements.




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Francesco Mondora

Francesco Mondora

co CEO and founder @mondora, first IT Bcorp in europe | Cloud Trusted Advisor, Coach and Public speaker | Serial entrepeneur | Biodynamic geek

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