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Start by removing the places of power

This is what I always suggest when someone asks me how to become a self-organised company from a manager’s perspective. The approach is both top down and a bottom up. The bottom up approach is easy, the top down is much harder.

Managers usually have various privileges, such as super luxurious bathrooms, a separate entrance, very accessible parking lots and other benefits. I’ve seen lots of people gain these benefits during their career advancements. Those benefits are exactly what creates separate social classes, fear, and differences between people.

So if I wish to transition to a new way of management, I must first of all give up the places of power or the privileges I have, starting from parking lots, without any justification. A justification can for example be the fact that I have an electric car and I therefore need a charging station in front of the main entrance. This is actually a differentiator between me and everyone else. I can choose to charge my car in a different place instead, and avoid creating this separation.

Places of power are evil, they are the places that create separation and differences in the environment, that make managers be treated differently from other employees. Often in companies we find meeting rooms for “the power” in the top floors of the building, which makes them completely unaccessible. When thinking about places of power we also have to identify other situations that are related to power. For example: last words.

Last words are also places of power: because you’re a boss, if you close a discussion with your last words, it is again a place of power. No one will argue on your “two cents”.

So when transitioning into a self managed company I always suggest to stop ab-using the places of power. Stop sharing your last words and remove my2cents from your signature.

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Francesco Mondora

Francesco Mondora

co CEO and founder @mondora, first IT Bcorp in europe | Cloud Trusted Advisor, Coach and Public speaker | Serial entrepeneur | Biodynamic geek

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