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The importance of Listening

mondora is a very open company, and for us it is important to listen to everyone and give feedback to each other. We don’t have any yearly performance reviews and we believe everyone should contribute in sharing their views and feedback. Our flat structure means that any team player can give feedback to the CEO, and not just receive it!

So far, we have always spoken about issues as they arise, or taken them up for everyone at quarterly company meetings. This is a great way for everyone to know what’s going on in the company and how they can contribute and help.

However, we noticed that there were some drawbacks to this method. First of all, with a fast growing company like ours, one day of company meeting is often not enough for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas from scratch. Secondly, some team players feel more comfortable than others in sharing their views and raising issues. For some, speaking in front of everyone is very difficult.

In order to make our feedback process fairer on everyone, we decided to implement the use of Officevibe, a externally managed feedback tool. Officevibe is completely anonymous, unless the person wishes to be known, and the tool has a friendly bot called Leo, who is integrated with Slack and asks you quick questions once a week.

Our new friend Leo

Response rate to Leo’s questions is 100% in mondora. The surveys are image-rich and many questions can be answered with a click. Each week there is also a question that requires a written answer, as well as the possibility to share additional thoughts. Answers are anonymous, but everyone can reply to feedback and start a meaningful conversation in which solutions often emerge: having no managers means we are all admins in Officevibe!

Officevibe offers quick click answers which encourage participation

Officevibe provides us with some very useful data that we can use to better understand the mood of the company and which areas we can improve on. It tracks things like happiness, company alignment, satisfaction, personal growth and relationship with colleagues. Each area is broken down into further subcategories, so that results can be better understood. Relevant feedback is also displayed in the correct categories.

For us Officevibe is a valuable tool that helps us understand where we are getting it right, and where we need to improve. Through the questions and feedback we are able to catch issues early and start a conversation in which we can quickly solve any problems. It is also a great place for people to share new ideas and collaborate in making them happen.

Here’s one example of how we solved a company issue thanks to Officevibe:

Our office space is quite small and we are growing fast. Last spring we faced a very practical problem: lack of chairs in the office. There was a morning race to get to the office early in order to grab a place to sit. There was also a fierce battle for the best chairs, as we have a bit of everything in the office. Many people were complaining, but no one was really getting together to find a solution — no one tackled the problem directly or confronted the whole company with it. When this problem appeared on Officevibe we were able to start a conversation in which we looked at what each of us could do to improve the situation, rather than just complain about it. The long term solution was that we would move to a bigger office, but we needed something more immediate. Well, a few months on and this issue that caused so much talk in coffee breaks is no longer a problem. The conversation started by a few colleagues in the feedback section, and available for all to see, enabled people to find a solution together. Now we share the office space much more and only come in when we need to. Most people work from home once or twice a week and the office is never full. All we needed was a tool to help turn random complaints into company issues that everyone could work on to solve together.

Feedback and mood monitoring are important, but they are worthless if we don’t then take action on them. In a few weeks time we will have our next company meeting and we intend to use the data gathered through Officevibe to guide our conversations and get more out of the day. We’ll see how it goes!

Since implementing Officevibe we have been able to better understand each other’s ideas and problems, and we have found a more structured and inclusive way of addressing them together. We still have some issues with a few of the questions, because Officevibe is structured for traditional companies with managers, but overall we are very happy with this tool and we think it is very beneficial to mondora. Soon it will be time to experiment with our own customised poll questions!




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