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Using Software as a Force for Good

When mondora first certified as a B Corporation in 2015 the company focused primarily on creating positive impact through small side projects. Everyday work continued as normal and these projects came in addition. In this way we created Hirebitto and Share our Break for example. We also focused a lot on employee happiness and wellness and improved our internal work environment before moving our attention outside of the company.

Last year we decided to up the game and include the creation of benefit in our everyday work, so that all customer projects would be permeated with the idea of bringing about positive change in some way. Whenever we start working on a new software project with a customer, we consider the positive impact that will be created right from the planning phase. We encourage our customers to think about how they are impacting society and the environment and in what way they can contribute to bringing about positive change in the world.

The Interdependence Clause

We believe that everything a business does has an impact, which can be negative, neutral or positive. We also believe that this impact can and should be measured, in order to have a clear picture of how a company is contributing to society. For this reason we suggest including a clause, called the Interdependence Agreement, in all customer contracts which regulates the creation and metering of benefit. We offer a discount to customers who choose to accept this clause and measure the impact they are creating. When a customer agrees to include the interdependence clause in a contract, we then work together to analyse how positive impact is being created and what can be measured over time.

The Interdependence Agreement enables companies to focus on Social and Environmental Responsibility

Customers adopting the Clause

A good example of an Interdependence Agreement is the one we have with a large customer in the pharmaceutical industry. With this customer, we are working on a project of document digitalization: many formal documents that require a signature and stamp, such as medical privacy statements, are now being replaced by an equally valid electronic version. The Agreement here is for the customer to meter and publish annual results for the amount of paper saved, and consequent reduction of CO2, thanks to the digitalization process.

In order to achieve this we have integrated our metering software, Spluga, into the company’s CRM. Spluga measures how many sheets of paper and how many envelopes are being saved at a given time, and calculates the corresponding CO2 reduction. The information is logged and presented on a dashboard for monitoring purposes. In this way the company is able to measure and prove that it is having a positive impact on the environment.

Interdependence with Suppliers

As well as working together with our customers to include Benefit in all software projects, we also make similar agreements with our suppliers. One of our main suppliers is the company that provides us each with a MacBook Pro. With this supplier we have an Agreement whereby for every 10 MacBooks we hire, a refurbished MacBook is donated to someone who needs it — a student, a classroom, a worker. In this way we are working with the supplier to jointly create positive impact for the local community.

A Network for Change

Customers and suppliers are often initially taken aback by our proposal of including an Interdependence Clause in contracts: it is something completely new to them. Normally procurement offices work on volume discounts, whilst we offer a “benefit discount”: if a customer can prove they are having a positive impact, we cut the price. This is an innovative approach to social and environmental responsibility that is generally very well received by the companies we work with. Our experience so far has been extremely positive and we hope to continue including our customers and suppliers in the joint creation of positive impact. As a single company, we can make a small contribution to change, as a network of companies we can take a bigger step towards changing the world for the better. #bthechange

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