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We are 4 times Best for the World in 2019!

About Best for the World

In order to be classified as a Benefit Corporation, a company has to complete the B Impact Assesment. This certification is divided into five categories: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Every year, B Corps who have reached the best scores in these categories are celebrated by the B Lab. There is also a specific award for the Overall category and another for the “Changemakers”, the B Corps who have made significant and verifiable improvements in the same areas of the B Impact Assessment.

Our 4 Best for the World awards in 2019

On the 4th of September, the B Lab’s 2019 “Best for the World” lists were announced and we are proud to be among the top 10% of all the BCorps.

Moreover, this year our company has been awarded in no less than four categories: Overall, Changemaker, Community, and Governance.

Best For The World Overall

This award celebrates B Corps who score in the top 10% across the category area of the assessment, which evaluates a company’s environmental performance, employee relationships, diversity, involvement in the local community, the impact a company’s product or service has on those it serves, and more.

Our impact — Overall

We think that among the projects that have allowed us to achieve this result are the Interdependence Agreements.

Through this project, we have exported our practices into other companies and contexts. For this reason, we consider this project fundamental to increase our positive impact in the world.

Best For The World Changemakers

As reported by the website bcorporation.net:

The 2019 Best For The World: Changemakers don’t rest on their laurels. After achieving B Corp status, they used the B Impact Assessment as a springboard to seek out more ways to improve their impact on the world. Their improvement scores rank in the top 20% of global B Corps and inspire us all to keep raising the bar.

Our impact — Changemakers

We believe that one of the main obstacles to change is fear.
This is why we decided to remove the culture of fear in our company and one of the initiatives we use to reach this goal is the Failure Party, a party through which we celebrate our failures.

Indeed, we believe that people don’t only learn from their success but also from their failures because we believe failure is a crucial part of learning to become better. Thanks to the possibility of failing and improving ourselves we become changemakers.

Best For The World Community

This award is dedicated to companies that create a positive impact in their communities, building shared and sustainable prosperity for all. Companies who implement projects on their territory to sustain social engagement, charitable giving, and inclusivity.

Our Impact — Community

One of the first projects we set up in order to benefit our community is HireBitto.

Storico Ribelle is a local cheese with the property of acquiring value as it matures. Its value can even triplicate in three years.

For every new employee, mondora buys a wheel of Storico Ribelle Cheese. The wheels are decorated and kept in the casèra for three years, after this period the cheese is sold and the earnings are reinvested into the community.

With this project, we sustain local producers and also value our team players’ impact by encouraging individual responsibility.

Best For The World Governance

The assessment Governance section evaluates the company’s overall mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency. It considers if the company has adopted a social or environmental mission, and how it engages its employees, board members, and the community to achieve that mission.

Employee access to financial information, customers’ opportunities to provide feedback, and the diversity of the company’s governing bodies are also criteria for this part of the assessment.

To earn placement in this category, honorees must score in the top 10 percent of B Corps.

Our impact — Governance

Our internal structure is surely a reason that placed us among the winners of this award.

In mondora we have a flat organization. In fact, we are classified as a teal organization.

This means that everyone is on the same level, even the CEO and the BOD, and that everyone takes responsibility for his own work and the part he plays in the company. There are no managers, only team players.

We use Loomio to make decisions in a participatory way. On this web channel, everyone can start a thread or set up a survey.

This method has been used both for daily discussion such as what type of kitchen to buy, but also for important decisions such as the acquisition by Team System.

We are extremely proud of achieving this result: 4 awards which testify our commitment to using our business as a force for good every day.

We would like to thank you for your support, if you have any comments or suggestions please leave them below!

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