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The Five Themes Cybersecurity Startups Are Tackling in 2021

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  • New IT environments the adoption of multi-cloud architecture and a proliferation of devices mean that endpoints have multiplied and the “perimeter” can look quite blurry
  • New approaches to security — thinking about how to integrate security practices into the DevOps lifecycle, treating data as something that must be guarded the same as devices or applications, and expanding the notion of identity and access management to encompass all of the above changes
A sampling of the startups tackling our 5 main cybersecurity themes

Cloud Security

Proliferation of Devices


Data Security

  • Data discovery & cataloging— As the number of data lakes, data warehouses, SaaS applications, and devices all explode across an organization, companies are struggling more than ever to identify where sensitive data might sit, let alone what it contains and who has the rights to use it.
  • Monitoring & visibility — Traditional cybersecurity monitoring was designed for the world of physical assets and software applications, not data. As the notion of DataOps is emerging for data science & engineering applications, it will need to cross over into the realm of security as well.
  • Regulatory complexity — As concerns about privacy abound, a new alphabet soup (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOC2, etc) of regulations and compliance standards has emerged, creating a patchwork of data security requirements that might not be uniform across an organization.
  • Conflicting priorities — Data has proliferated because people want to use it! There is an inherent trade off between data security and the ease of use & performance of that data that companies need to be cognizant of in order to balance the ROI of data against the risks of data loss.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Putting It All Together



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