B Lab Releases New Tools to Move Towards an Inclusive Economy

Today at the B Corp Champions Retreat, B Lab released tools designed to make it easier for companies to prioritize inclusion and build an economy that works for everyone.

B Lab has created the Inclusive Economy Metric Set, a collection of around 25 metrics from the B Impact Assessment, the free online assessment tool used to certify B Corporations. These metrics, which range from payment of a living wage and job flexibility to diversity of the boardroom and human rights screening for suppliers, can be used by any company to make their operations, business model, and supply chain more inclusive.

Metric Set for US Companies

Metric Set for Global Developed Markets

Metric Set for Global Emerging Markets (in Spanish, in Portuguese)

In recognition of the fact that Certified B Corps must take meaningful action on inclusion to achieve their vision of a shared and durable prosperity for all, hundreds of B Corp leaders have already accepted the B Corp Inclusion Challenge. To meet the Challenge, B Corps will set goals and improve on at least three of the metrics in the Inclusive Economy Metric Set over the next twelve months.

B Lab will also be creating and releasing resources to give B Corps a head start in meeting their goals. These resources will include Best Practice Guides, Impact Snapshots, Case Studies, and Webinars related to inclusion and diversity in the workplace and in the value chain. B Lab has published the first draft guide, “The Basics of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion,” at Champions Retreat. You can find it and all future guides at the link below.

While the B Corp Inclusion Challenge is focused solely on the community of Certified B Corporations for now, all businesses and organizations will have access to B Lab’s Inclusive Economy resources. B Lab will share the results of the first year of the B Corp Inclusion Challenge at next year’s Champions Retreat in October of 2017.

Learn more about the B Corp Inclusion Challenge and download Inclusive Economy Resources from B Lab.