European Cities at the Forefront of the Crypto Revolution!

Mar 18, 2019 · 6 min read

As cryptocurrency education advances and adoption increases, we are beginning to see more cities around the world embracing the crypto revolution. It is now possible to purchase a coffee, buy lunch, book accommodation, and even pay for your cab using crypto in different cities around the world.

Cryptocurrency is borderless and part of the fun of owning it is to experiment with it, how does Bitcoin work? How do you make a purchase with cryptocurrency? What can you buy with cryptocurrency? How easy is it to spend a day using only Bitcoin? These are all burning questions that are on the minds of nearly everyone who enters the crypto space. While cryptocurrency education will teach you the basics, the best way to fully understand how cryptocurrency works is to have some fun with it and experiment with owning and spending it!

It is not as hard as you might think, especially in some of the major cities in Europe!

As innovative millennials continue to fuel the crypto revolution and endeavor to knock down the barriers between the digital and real world — we are seeing a rise in trends for things such as ‘Cryptocations’ (vacations paid for by cryptocurrency). This is creating a different kind of vacation experience, placing many European cities on the map as destinations which offer visitors a combination of traditional history and heritage with new age technology!

If you are thinking of taking a crypto holiday this year, below you will find a list of some of the top ‘Crypto Cities’ in Europe and what you can spend your crypto on while you are there!

Spending Crypto in London

Regarded as the financial hub of the world, it is hardly surprising that London is leading the way in the UK as the top city of cryptocurrency adoption. The innovative tech hub allows you to pay for almost everything you need to go about your daily life in crypto. Here you can order a burger, purchase Vegan-friendly vitamins, visit the theatre, pay for your cab, and treat yourself to a brighter smile, with laser teeth whitening from Covingham Cosmetics using your cryptocurrency. If you are looking to treat yourself to a unique souvenir from your cryptocasion, Diadem handmade jewellery offers a selection of unique pieces, which you can pay for using Bitcoin and Dash. Those that are brave enough to drive in the city can hire a rental car with Bitcoin. And, If you are an art socialite, you can head over to Mayfair where you can attend one of the many exhibitions, which promotes the purchase of fine art with crypto.

Spending Cryptocurrency in Ljubljana

Slovenia is in a key player in the world of crypto adoption. The small country is where Bitstamp, one of the industries oldest active crypto exchanges was born and has become a global hotspot for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology companies. The countries capital Ljubljana boasts the world’s first ‘Bitcoin-Friendly Mall’, which is located in BTC City, the largest entertainment and business complex in Europe, where everything accepts Bitcoin as payment. Here you will find high street brands, cafes, over 70 bars and restaurants, open air markets, spas, hotels and children’s entertainment such as the Atlantis Water Park — there is no reason to leave! Except of course if you want to explore some of the famous sights such as the historic centre, the Castle, the scenic river or the famous dragon bridge, all of which you can get to from BTC using Cryptocurency!

Spending Cryptocurrency in Berlin

Germany’s largest city is a renowned hot spot for fintech start-up companies and as a prime tourist destination, it offers an interesting mix of ancient history with new age innovation. Here you can enjoy a full day of time travel! Start the morning in 2019 with breakfast at Luechstoff coffee shop, where you can enjoy coffee, cake and other home bakes courtesy of Bitcoin. Then you can head off to the 18th century as you visit the Brandenburg Gate, travel to the 19th century to visit the world war II bunkers, before returning to the dawn of cryoto at Room 77 where you can enjoy dinner and drinks at the cities top cryptocurrency socialite venue of choice, renowned as one of the biggest bitcoin promoters in the area. If you are looking for short term accommodation while visiting, 9Flats offers a large selection of holiday rental options in and around Berlin city centre.

Spending Crypto in The Hague/Amsterdam

The Netherlands is one of the top Bitcoin active countries in the world, which is striving towards a cryptocurrency economy by making it as easy as possible for everyone to pay for as much as possible with Bitcoin. Amsterdam is home to Bitcoin Embassy,the venue of choice for cryptocurrency meetups within the city. Here you can attend the weekly ‘Open Bazaar’ face to face buy and sell event, crypto beginners seminars and Sunday Session party events. The venue also

Features its own Bitcoin cafe, Bitcoin Box Shop where you can purchase crypto accessories and a Bitcoin restaurant, welcoming crypto enthusiasts of all levels!

Of course, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without hiring a bike, which you can also do using your Bitcoin from Starbikes . When you are all cycled out, you can take advantage of a dinner cruise, bar cruise or BBQ cruise along the canal, all of which are also Bitcoin friendly!

Located just one hour away from Amsterdam, the small city of The Hague launched Europe’s first Bitcoin Boulevard in 2014! The boulevard, which stretches along two canal-side streets consists of a collection of merchants including a Michelin-star restaurant, a beer hall, Cafes and even a hair salon which promotes payment in Bitcoin. If you happen to run out of Bitcoin while in at Bitcoin Boulevard, you can always purchase more from the Hague’s very own Bitcoin ATM machine!

Spending Crypto in Prague

Prague has recently been voted as one of the top ‘crypto cities’ boasting 154 venues that accept cryptocurrency . The innovative city is home to SatoshiLabs, the manufacturer of the Trezor hardware wallet, which is one of the most popular ways in which to store Bitcoin. And so it comes as no surprise that travellers are able to spend crypto in Prague easily. Here you can book a range of accommodation options such as Prague Siesta Apartments located in the heart of the old town with Bitcoin! Chic cafes are a growing trend in this capital, and no more so than Paraleni Polis, the city’s first ever Bitcoin cafe where you can pay for your coffee and other sweet delicacies with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Monero. If sightseeing tires you out then you can always stop off at Bar No 7, the first bar to accept Bitcoin in the area, or hit the local cinema, Bio Oko, where you can pay for your cinema tickets using Bitcoin.

The above are just a few of the cities around the world that are embracing the crypto revolution, as the space continues to grow we are set to see an increase in the number of cities that focus on offering Bitcoin as a payment method and soon everyone will be able to go about their daily lives on Bitcoin alone. If you have any interesting examples of a purchase that you have made with cryptocurrency, or have recently visited a city/town/country where you found it easy to spend a day using only cryptocurrency, feel free to share it with the B21 community below.



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